I'm not a hard-ass.  I'm not going to say that you should be working out for an hour every day.

But I am going to say that you'd feel a hell of a lot better if you did.

I realized the other day that, ignoring the week that I was out after having a camera shoved down my bellybutton, my husband and I will have completed eleven weeks of Insanity come tomorrow.  That's a whole hell of a lot of sweat, of Level 1s, 2s and 3s, of planks, of squats, of jumps and of "digging deeper."  There's more than just the result on our bodies (he's lost 40+ pounds and I'm almost-freakishly toned).  It's the guarantee that I know:  when I get home from work, either after I ride the horse or before I go on a run, my husband and I are going to spend an hour together.  We're going to move the furniture, fill our water bottles, put on our heart-rate monitors, and turn the air conditioning up.  He's going to push on my already-straight right knee while I'm doing my hip flexor stretch.  And I'm going to tease him about his 1-2-3 Heisman being a dance previously performed by Carlton on Fresh Prince.  When it's done, we're going to eat dinner and play on our laptops while something mind-numbly is on television.  But for that hour - we're completely together.

It's always been second nature to do some physical activity of some sort.  That's why I have experience in soccer, karate and gymnastics.  My mom is one of the most physically fit women that I know.  For as long as I can remember, she's gone to the gym multiple times a week.  It's not uncommon to see her strutting around the yard, trimming bushes, in a string bikini.  My mom is 65.  :)

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