"Get A Real Job"

So, we've been in Savannah for almost two years.  Eighteen months.  Whatever.

I remember when I discovered this video and it introduced me to this witty fellow who seemed to share a lot of the same view.  Yeah, Philly D, I've got a little crush.  Don't tell my husband.

About the video:  epic.  It's.. the welbutrin colada, the psychology degree, the "fuck them."

Just watch it.

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  1. oooo Savannah GA? Thats where I'm hoping to move to come September :)

  2. Yup, Savannah, GA! It's an awesome city and a great place to live - but not super horse friendly. Relatively close to Aiken and Ocala, but the opportunities for keeping a horse in the city are limited. I lucked out to find my barn! If you do end up here, I'd be glad to extend some Southern hospitality. :)