Going, Going, Going.

Friday: 5k.
Saturday: long ride.
Sunday: Soccer and Insanity.
Monday: another longish ride and Insanity.
Tonight: Insanity and a run. Unless I die first. Then maybe just Insanity.

The 5k was great: crowded, raining and the hubs and I got into a spat. I finished in 34:14, which was pretty excellent for my third post-op run. Actually, faster than my first 5k. The last little sprint was probably one of my best closing pushes.

The ride on Saturday was great, too. My car is in the shop and D had a surgery (random!), so I put on my boots and half chaps, grabbed my helmet bag and some drinks, and walked the .87 mile to the barn. I had to feed, so I gave Archie a handful of grain, fed the other two, and started to tack up. He wasn't the happiest kid, but damn if he weren't a good boy. He really likes his new saddle and moved forward quite nicely. He staired at the random mattress outside the fence line, walked out to the road, and even willingly body-slammed another horse trying to escape.  Then I fed him, cleaned up around the barn, and tossed hay to everyone. And I meandered on back home, stopping at the local dock. I'm a photography whore, so there will be photos. It was a pleasant way to spend a Saturday morning.

Sunday involved lounging about with my hubby, watching old episodes of Supernatural.  I had to feed again that morning, so I got up at the butt crack of dawn, given the time change, fed, and crawled back into bed.  The girls even let me.  Then came the soccer game.

I played soccer in middle school on a coed team.  The biggest directive that I received was to be more aggressive.  Generally, that's not something that I think I have a problem with.  If anything, I've been told to be less of a bully - both physically and emotionally.  Whoops.  Anyways, so I'm playing soccer for the first time in a million years and, as good as I thought I was kicking a ball with my husband, I suck.  Not a lot - I'm still going to chase the ball, when I'm not staring dazedly at everything going on around me.  But our game on Sunday was cancelled because the other team was a no-show.  So a few players went and jumped in on another game and the rest of the team devoted the next hour to teaching me how to properly kick a soccer ball.  I have no aim.  I have no power.  I'd never done a "kick with my laces."  I got okay, but it was decided that inside foot was my power kick and that I'd probably never be in the position to kick a goal.

We'll see.  :)

And then the Man and I decided that we really ought to do the Insanity workout that we'd skipped from the day before.  So we dragged through that (Month 2, end of Week 3, in case you were wondering).

Yesterday, I slogged through work.  Fucking time change.  And went home, rode my horse (WONDERFUL!), picked up the hubs and, at eight o'clock, did an hour of Insanity.  I was too barfy to eat dinner, so that was definitely skipped.

And now we're on to today.  Cardio insanity.  Whee.

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