Which is also the type of Subaru Outback that I own. And love.

I want people to say that I was intelligent. Respectful. Being "nice" isn't as important as being remembered as "polite." I want people to know that I took shit off no one. That I cherished memories.. almost more (okay, sometimes, definitely more) than the people who help create them.  That I did all that I was capable of, and then pushed my mind and body for more.  That I met my soul mate at age seven and have never questioned the route or determination that brought us together.  That I was enlightened at age eighteen and this decade of atheism has been my happiest.  That I acknowledged something in myself, questioned it, sought help and, when none was available, fought it.  That I changed what didn't please me, accepted what was not malleable, and never asked for a deity's assistance.  That I constantly strove for more.  It's not a matter of discontent, being unsatisfiable, or being greedy - it's having higher expectations.

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