St. Patty's Day, in Savannah, is a big fucking deal. They were estimating that there would be a million people in the city for the parade. I'm not sure if we hit that many, but the city was pretty well overwhelmed.

The mister and I went to his boss' apartment overlooking one of the squares. We, along with my friends and their friends, proceeded to drink him out of house and home. And then it was time to leave, which involved a mad dash through the city and a two hour wait to take the ferry across the river to our car. That blew.

The rest of the day was spent recovering. And eating. And napping.

Sunday, we slept in too late and I decided we needed to eat at a little tourist trap on one of the islands. Big mistake. Even though it wasn't incredibly crowded or anything, the cook couldn't keep up. We waited about an hour just for pancakes and shrimp. It didn't leave me much time to do anything else. So I prioritized. :)

I rode the horse before the soccer game and then went over to a friend's house to have some last-minute work done on my car. Then picked up the hubby and had Mexican for dinner. Thank god for 32oz beers. :)

Here are some photos!

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