Surgery and Fitness

Also known as: the time I was intentionally stabbed and quickly recovered due to my obsession with exercising.

So, a couple months ago big D made the decision that he wanted to be a little less big and quickly started losing weight. And then he decided that skinny wasn't really what he wanted to be, and decided that he wanted muscles, too.

Being the ever loving and supportive wife, I stood by my hubby's decision to subject our minds and bodies to a tireless campaign to beef up. And, being the absolutely neurotic man that he is, he researched the fuck out of things we could do without leaving the comfort of our own home. God forbid we use that gym membership, amirite?

And he discovered Shaun T and Insanity And I discovered that we could sweat together.

Fast forward six weeks. I have muscles. My runner's legs are more toned than miles have ever made them. I have biceps and the hinting of triceps. And, beneath my layer of blubber, I can feel ab muscles.

And then I need surgery.

It wasn't a giant surprise. Just a brief laparoscopic procedure to determine why I hurt. But here's the kicker: multiple friends have had the same procedure and were no where near my superhuman recovery. Less than a week after getting stabbed in three places and having a camera shoved in my belly button, I was back to insanity. Nine days, I'm riding my horse. Less than two weeks, running again. And at the two week, two day point, I'll be doing another 5k.

I credit this quick recovery to the phenomenal shape that Insanity gave me. Or, rather, the shape that Shaun T's screaming encouraged me to attain.

Here are some photos. I'll probably repeat some when I write more about the actual surgery.

Oh, might be graphic!

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