Animal Law

This is completely random and I get that, but it's something that seriously pisses me off.

I live in an apartment community, like most of the 20-somethings that I know.  And I have my two little precious furry bastard children.  Okay, like five of them.  But only two that I walk outside on a consistent basis.  My dogs, people.  My dogs.

There have been a multitude of times that my dogs have encountered other dogs - running free through the yards between our townhouses.  I've brought it up with the landlord, whose motto seems to be "not a single fuck was given."  And I've bitched at the owners of those dogs.  No one seems to care.  My husband jokes (at least, I think he's joking) about getting a German Shepard, always named Fritz, and training him in traditional German.  And, when those other dogs are encountered, given a single command:  attack.

It sounds brutal and it really takes me back to a whole difficult line of thinking:  hurt before you are hurt.  My army will destroy your army before your army can lift a gun.  And, essentially, that's the war that my husband wants to wage on people who are breaking the law and endangering our dogs.  Short of getting a killer GSD, I've thought of other things, like pepper spray.  I know Georgia law allows me to defend myself against dogs that could cause harm, but I don't know if that extends to defending Scarlette and Savannah.

Examples of the encounters:  several times with my direct neighbor's unaltered "mastiff" mix, the last of which he came onto my patio and I had a panic attack; another neighbor's pit bull running free, who was also loose again today; several encounters with a husky and her dipshit owner; and a few encounters with an American bulldog and chihuahua combo.  The chihuahua, little bastard breed, actually got in my way running one night and tried to chase me.  Scarlette got her in the face at the last encounter.

Chatham County: §22-112 Restrictions on Dogs Running at Large.
(a) It shall be unlawful for any dog to be on the streets, lanes, highways, roads or squares of unincorporated Chatham County or loose on vacant lots or unenclosed lots, so that it may freely have access to the streets, lanes, highways or squares of unincorporated Chatham County unless such dog is held firmly on a leash, by a person capable of maintaining control. It shall be the duty of any owner or possessor or any person who harbors or keeps any dog to confine securely by means of fence, kennel, leash or other device so as to ensure confinement within the limits of their own premise, the same within the limits of his own premises and not to permit such dog to run or have access to run the streets, lanes, highways, roads or squares or parks of unincorporated Chatham County except as above set forth or for hunting, field trials and the working of said dogs.
(b) Puppies and kittens are not to run at large. Dogs or cats less than three months of age shall be confined to their owner’s premises and not allowed to run at large.
(c) Where any animal, dog or cat, whose owner or custodian is found to be in violation of any provision of this ordinance, the Animal Control officer shall have a duty and authority to issue a
citation and a subpoena to owner or custodian for the violation of said article.

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  1. My dogs run with me and other people's pets are (ha!) a pet peeve of mine. I've been full on attacked by a min pin and a husky and charged by plenty of things in between.

    I do my best to ignore them, but if something is charging me and snarling, I will kick it as hard as is humanly possible. Bitches goin' down.

    1. I love that! Most of the time, the owners are right there, so I don't know that I could get away with kicking. I thought about punting the mastiff mix, though. Hate that dog, hate his owners.