Weekend Wrap Up

Oh, man.  Am I sore.

Friday night, the hubs and I did Insanity.  Like we always do.  Goddamn thing is never ending.  OH!  But he did say that after Insanity: Asylum, he'd be interested in some mixed martial arts.  I've been pushing for some krav maga classes (thanks, How I Met Your Mother), so this'll help.  There's a studio not too, too far that offers adult grappling classes, which sounds pretty awesome. Where was I going with this?

Saturday morning, I had a 5k on the beach.  It was my best time so far (just under 33 mins) and really kind of crazy.  I've never run on the beach, so the little shifting of the sand was worrisome for me and my feet.  And I screwed up making my playlist and had to spend five minutes listening to a song that offers me absolutely no motivation.  And then the sun.  And I had to pee.  Badly.  I dragged myself to the finish and crawled to the bathroom to splash water on myself and use the facilities.  I didn't even pause to see if D was following.  Here's a clip of me closing.  D made fun of me for hurdling the timer mats.  Whatevs.

After the 5k, they released a rehabilitated loggerhead into the ocean.  Can you get more amazing than that?  I took some photos, but I took them on my giant camera, so I need to upload and edit them.  Her name was Karen.

I went home and slept for three hours.  Rode my horse (who is consistently more and more amazing).  Did another set of Insanity.  And then the hubs took me out to a fancy dinner downtown.  It's a little tapas bar, called Jazz'd, that is completely and utterly amazing.  I wasn't able to finish my meal, which is a giant disappointment.  But I had sweet potato soup, baked cheese with grapes and apples and toasted baguettes, a potato frittata with more cheese and baguettes, and a creme brulee.  I was in absolute heaven.  I don't remember exactly what D had.  Half of a cornish hen and something else dead.  shrug

Sunday, I rode the horse again.  We're still doing 10/10/10/10/10 (walk, trot, walk, trot, walk).  I plan on taking him out again tonight and increasing the trotting times.  I think 15 minutes?  Or maybe a grand total of 25?  I have a giant fear of pushing him too far.  He still tries to break when I don't keep him moving forward, but he isn't blowing or anything when we're done.  I took him on a little trail ride to cool down afterwards and he definitely had no problem pepping up for that.

Post-ride.  LOVE THE SWEAT!  (Okay, it's hard to see, shuddup.)

And after a frenzied lunch and short shopping spree, I had two soccer games.  I really, really need to work on my speed and my foot skills.  I'm such a dork: I've got a book on order at the library to kind of teach me more things.  I spend a lot of time running after people, getting passed by people, and freezing if the ball comes anywhere near me.  My team isn't so focused on developing skills.  There are no practices.  You go, you play.
Soccer sock tan line.  Sexy.

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