Archie, Alcohol and Amity

I actually was able to ride the kid last night (god, that sounds dirty!), and it was a pretty good ride.  I'm going to have to tally my time for the 2pt Challenge, but I think it's safe to say that I suck.  I got Archie a new girth and it came in last night.  I don't know if he noticed a difference, but it felt pretty great to me: elastic on both ends and a soft, fleecy center. I needed something that would match the "new" Stubben.  (Side note:  my Stubben Siegfried is about a million years old, fits my horse exceptionally well and hurts my butt.  It's a step up from the Wintec I had for six years.)  I actually made him push it a little more: ten minute warm up, fifteen trot, ten walk, fifteen trot and a ten cool-down.  I took him out of the pasture that we ride in to offer him some water and the little jerk didn't want to go back in.  I actually had to pop him twice with my hand!

Excuse the dirty saddle pad!  Post ride!
Also: the hubs got me this saddle pad for our first Christmas.  :)
After the ride, the hubs and I went and got Mexican.  I'm a sucker for Mexican food.  Nachos might be my life's weakness.  With pico de gallo.  And a 32 ounce Miller Lite.  I went in my tall boots and britches and, I swear to god, I got checked out.  D swears that it was the weird clothes, I swear it was the hot body.  This is a relatively new feeling for me: I've always battled being a porker.  My body likes being fat.  It likes food.  So, after three and a half months of doing Insanity almost every day, coupled with running and riding, I'm in what might be the best shape of my life.  I weigh eight pounds more than I did when I got married (10/2010), but my wedding dress might actually be a bit looser.  I can certainly wear more clothes than I was able to then.  I'll have to suck it up and post some real-life,-I'm-not-getting-paid-for-this-shit photos.

So we ate out.  And then accidentally did the wrong workout.  This wouldn't be such a big deal, but my husband is neurotic as fuck and can't tolerate making mistakes like that.  It was actually my fault.  I was touching him (not like that!) while he was setting up the video. :)  So we did a super-easy Month 1 Recovery workout instead of the Month 2 Cardio Recovery.  And now, tonight, we've got to do the exercise for today and the workout we ought to have done yesterday.  I keep telling myself that it's worth it and, if people keep looking at me like they did last night, I'll believe it.

I was approached by one of my friends today about bailing on them for Thirsty Thursdays and Happy Hours.  She asked about my reasons for not coming out.  I explained that most of it was due to the alcohol, the not wanting to drink.  And a lot of it is.  Also, that I don't like to change my routine.  I like knowing exactly what I'm doing and when.  And that I don't like going to hang out with people that are just going to bitch at me for not hanging out with them more.  Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

I have to give her credit though.  Since I shot down weekday drinkfests, she asked what I would rather do.  And I appreciated her asking.  I haven't been as close to her since I changed jobs, so that meant a lot to me.  I thought my answers were pretty spot-on:  I want to do things.  Cook out, kayak, go to the beach.  I couldn't phrase it for her, but I want to do things that we'll remember rather than throwing money at some lost brain cells.

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