Blood & Sweat

Or, "What the Hell, 'Her Results Are Weird?'"

Did you know that dogs don't sweat?  Random fact.  Maybe I ought to toss in some of this randomness occasionally.

So, in the almost-completely-thank-freaking-god-done drama, I took the girls back to the vet last night.  I left work early, so I could get home, walk them and head off.  

As I sat in the waiting room, with my two anxious and panting dogs, I educated the forced audience on the horrors of sugar-free gum.  Yeah, I'm that person now.  Next I'll be talking about how vaccines correlate to autism and why you should never eat corn syrup, while my kid gnaws on a stick and twitches from something that could have been prevented.  So, they took Scarface back and drew her blood and sent her back up to wait with me for another twenty minutes.  I love my clinic, I really do.  I think the people are pretty freaking awesome.  But the time management skills blow.  So the blood sat too long (I'm thinking) and the next thing I know, a tech (okay, that I don't love.  I hate her) is walking up, telling me that the results are weird.  In the middle of this waiting room, after I've lectured these people and talked about how I'm actually an employee, I lose my shit because all she can tell me is that "her results are weird."  WTF?

They had to take her back to get more blood.  Scar actually wouldn't even get off the bench and gave me the most pitiful look as the tech picked her up.  They drew, returned and we continued to wait.  I got there at about 5:20, which I knew was silly because my appointment for her little blood draw wasn't until 5:40.  I didn't leave until almost 7:00.  FYI, unless they have to spin the centrifuge by hand, there's no reason for bloodwork to take that long.

*begin happy dance*

So, essentially, the girls are clear.  Life can resume as normal.  No more crazy eye, no more being a breath from losing it.  My daughters.

As soon as I got home from the vet and did a celebratory dance with my husband, we plunged into the new work out.  I haven't mentioned it, because I've been crazy about the girls, but we started Insanity: Asylum on Monday.  Monday was the Fitness test, which left me muddled.  I didn't get it.  Tuesday, we figured out that you have to watch the precursor videos in which Shaun teaches you the moves.  That helped a lot, but I was still slow and awkward.  Last night, we were introduced to "Strength."  It involved a lot of curls and lifts and push ups and squats, all with a dumbbell. 

And all of that was great, but I didn't feel like I had really pushed myself.  Maybe because I only used a 5 lb. weight?  :)  The track was calling my name, so I headed out for a three-miler.  I'm ashamed to say that, because of all the excuses I have, I haven't run since that time earlier in the month when I almost barfed.  That was.. three weeks?  Three weeks is an absurdly long time for a runner to not run.  My legs relished it.  It took two miles for me to hit my stride and that last mile was utter bliss.  I've found that since I've developed my hip flexors more, my stride has improved.  

I ended my night by swinging by the barn to see the Kid.  It's unfortunate, but I can't manage riding, running and working out all in one weeknight.  It was the perfect end, though:  his soft chortle as he approached me by light of the moon.  

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