Girl's Night (because it's just me)

I rode the Archman on Monday night.  And, even though his frogs look deplorable and that can't be comfortable, he was forward and he was interested.  He picked up both leads nicely, which was great because I haven't asked for the right lead in months.  Unless he spooks.. then I make him pick it up and go, go, go.  But I don't remember that happening recently.  Anyways, the other guys were being fed and I didn't realize that the BO had walked into the pasture in which we were riding until we flew past her hot pink self.  I was really, really proud of the kid.

In regards to his poor feeters, I'm at a loss.  I think it's either just an unfortunate case of all four sloughing off at the same time (weather?) or an equally unfortunate case of "dry thrush".  Either way, I'm going to start using Apple Cider Vinegar, which makes me feel incredibly ghetto.  I've got Thrust Buster, but I'm concerned about treating his hooves with a medication that may not be warranted.  There's no smell, there's no tar.  There's just the peeling of his frogs.  ACV is supposed to be gentle enough to not screw up the balance that's already there, so I almost feel like it's preventative meets treatment.

Oh, here's a story:  last summer, I was out fiddling with the kid while BO's best friend was feeding.  I think all of these people are crazy.  That should be understood first and foremost.  So, I was picking his feet and applying hoof conditioner while he munched on his beet pulp. And then I was getting ready to leave.  I didn't ride or do a thorough groom - I just wanted to take care of his hooves.  The Beastie asked me what I was doing.  I explained.  She then said that I didn't need to worry about all that and I should just get some bleach and it would take care of any potential problems.  Bleach. His. Hooves.  Fucking kidding me.

Most weeknights that I ride, I always feel a pressure to get to the barn really fast and to get done as soon as possible.  The Man is supposed to be spending the night out of town tonight in preparation for a surgery he's performing tomorrow.  And I am luxuriating in the idea of taking my time.  And it's more than just the extra time I plan on spending with the kid, it's the rest of the night.  He's forbidden me from working out without him, so no Insanity.  That means I can take a nice, long run if I so desire (I probably won't desire.  Just saying.).  I can turn off all the nights, eat too much pasta, and watch a chick flick.  I can invite the dogs onto the couch (which is strictly forbidden.  Rawrr!  Dog hair in addition to cat hair! Neevvvvarrr!) and cuddle like we used to.

And.. I'm pretty stoked about this weekend.  Saturday, Saturday, Saturday.  Oh, you'll never get here.

I've got a dressage lesson with Kathy Faulk out in Richmond Hill.  I haven't been able to take a lesson for two months because of show season impacting my ability to ride the Wild Western Guy.  Yeah, it's true:  I ride a primarily-Western downhill Quarter horse/Appendix for my dressage lessons.  We've accepted that there are some things that Zip won't do and some things that I have to rephrase.  The goal is to get Archie out there for a lesson, but two things need to occur:  transportation and conditioning.  I've been working on the conditioning and am still trying to figure out the transportation thing.  I never knew I was such a good Hunter/Jumper Princess until I started taking dressage and my body refused.

And after my lesson?  TATTOO!!!

I've mentioned it before, I think, that I have a lot of tattoos.  Not like.. a million.  You can still see my face.  :)  Kidding.  You can't.

See what the excitement does to me?!  My intentions are to post a page about my tattoos and as soon as I can get some photos taken, I will.  I've got about fourteenish.

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  1. Diluted Bleach I can see using, but not straight bleach. Better yet... iodine. ACV is great for sooo many things! Itchy skin, oily skin, etcetc.

    Have a fun night in!

    1. I think bleach is just too caustic for almost everything. And maybe it's the veterinarian that lives in the back of my head, but if I'm resorting to household cleaners on my horse, I probably ought to call someone. :( Though.. I am also disinclined to use hydrogen peroxide straight on my animals, because it tends to cause abscesses in cats and delays healing. A tad neurotic.

      I don't actually own any iodine or betadine. If I'm in need of a medical strength cleanser, and antibacterial soap won't cut it, I tend to steal (shhhh!) chlorhexadine from whatever vet clinic I'm working at. :) Just a little bit. I probably ought to invest in a bottle.