Or.. "I Hate the Rains."

I realize why there are so many blogs about horses and our relationships and progressions with them.  For those of us lucky enough to have an equine in our lives, it's the biggest part of our day.  Nothing tops going out to the barn, to the pasture, to the ring, and spending some time with our favorite kids.  A minute of warm whiskery breath on your face or a hand trailing down a neck, down a shoulder, over a flank.

I once put on facebook that my religion was "Equestrianism", because I feel that these little demi-gods are so incredibly deserving of the worship that we give them.  Carrots, time, new shoes, a gentle rub.  Money.  I wrote before that I worked three jobs in order to make ends meet and one of the biggest questions, insults, almost, was why I would get a horse if it was so hard to keep a horse.  And it's easy.  It was never a question for me.  When I was barely, barely making ends meet, there was absolutely no regret for the acquisition of my gelding.

So, I haven't been able to ride Archie since Sunday.  Monday, it rained.  Tuesday was a running day.  And Wednesday, it thundered.  I've got plans to go out tonight and work his little bottom off, though.  When I last rode, I went with 10 minutes of walking, 10 trotting, 5 walking, 10 trotting, 5 walking, 10 trotting, and a fifteen minute trail ride to cool down.  It was a lengthy ride and that old Stubben sure hurt my butt, but he seemed okay with the workout.  Lazy once we got to the third 10.  Tonight, I've got renewed plans to ride with the lessee from the barn.  And!  I have a SmartPak coming in today with a new girth, fly mask and fly spray.  I thought I bought new paddock boots.  Damn.

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