So last night was supposed to be my quiet night in with the "kids" while my husband went out of town.

Alas.. he came home.  :)

I still spent extra time at the barn, though I did stop riding earlier than anticipated.  We were trotting over half-raised ground poles (like, the opposite end of each was raised, to make life a little tricky for the Kid).  And suddenly, BAM.

There wasn't really a loud sound, but we had a hard almost-fall.  He caught himself, I stayed on.  I hopped off, checked his legs, checked his face, fixed the poles.  Walked him around, trotted him around and he felt fine.  I, however, was in excruciating pain half an hour later and couldn't move my neck.  Being special me, it took me until the ride to work to figure out what could have caused this horrific neck pain.  My husband, who looks at spines and necks all day, slathered on some Icy Hot while laughing maniacally and gave no further advice.  I've taken some Aleve and applied more Icy Hot.  That crap burns.

And now I'm at the point of trying to decide if I should continue to self-medicate, if I should beg his boss for some muscle relaxers, or if I should head over to the walk-in clinic.  I wouldn't care so much, but I don't want anything to touch my dressage lesson or tattoo session for this weekend.  Pain is not a priority until it impacts my riding!

photo 1.JPG    photo 2.JPG   photo 3.JPG   photo 4.JPG

The Kid, post-ride, determining that the iPhone wasn't edible.

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  1. Sorry about the pain. that is not fun!! Hope it gets worked out, so you can have a great weekend.


  2. Hi Beka,

    I hail from Oklahoma, a horse-riding state, and in our neck of the woods we have this stuff called "whiskey" that we use for minor horse-induced injuries. Just a thought. Hope you feel better soon!