Take That, Rain!

Or, I Sang My Song to the Rain Gods:  "Rain, Rain, Go Away, I Want to Ride My Horse Today!"

I got to ride last night!  *does little happy dance*

I shortened the amount of trot time, simply because I'm not a hundred percent that he's a hundred percent.  He got grouchy when I asked him to trot up a hill towards the right, which makes me wonder about his right shoulder and his left hind (and that's about as much as I know about impulsion.. or, rather, "think" because "know" is too strong of a word). He hasn't ever been super keen tracking right, but that's just the OTTB in him, I think.  And, man, did he want to jump!  I've got a couple little trot pole grids set up, with opposite ends raised, and he was dragging me to them.  :)

Regardless, it was a successful ride and I think I'll try him again tonight or tomorrow night.

In other life stuff, I was contacted recently by the woman who was my "BFF" in elementary and middle school. When high school came about, we went our separate ways.  She lives in Atlanta now, with her boyfriend and one of her two kids.  We.. uh.. don't have much in common.  Thinking of it, we never did.  She was pretty, thin, friendly.  I was average, chubby, and angsty.  She overplayed her seeming lack of intelligence while I sharpened my mind to a bloody knife.  She was remedial, I was advanced.  She liked the popular kids, I liked to make fun of the popular kids.  She went with the flow, did what was trendy, and I made as many waves as I possibly could.  So she sent me a text, written like a 14 year old girl, "Ur long lost childhood friend!... C what uve been up to... Stop by and c u!"  I cringe every time I read it.  I texted her back and told her that I'd give her a call when I had a chance, which I haven't.  Or I haven't made a chance available.  What can I say?  I'm fucking busy.  And I couldn't figure out why she would be reaching out to me.  Need someone to consult with about birth control?  So, due to my lack of response, she sent me another text saying that she was going to be around my city and wanted to meet up.  Ahh..

It's not that I have anything against the woman.  I don't.  She was my closest friend for several formative years.  I just don't know that I necessarily want her back in my life.  And I love that I'm in a place now where I can be selective.  :)

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  1. Too funny! I hate text shorthand, and try to type longhand as much as possible, so my command of the English language isn't lost or bastardized.

    Being selective is a good thing!