Baseball & Voyeurism


Or "Stalking."  Stalking might be more apt.

So, it's been raining the past couple of days.  They say that it's supposed to clear up by this weekend, so let's all keep our fingers and hooves crossed.  I haven't ridden the Kid since Monday.  The farrier was out on Tuesday.  Yesterday, it was disgusting all day and the sun didn't come out until about seven last night.  Being National Running Day, I opted to actually go.. run.  Shocking.

I did 4.5 miles in my best time recently.  It's like my body has accepted the level of workout that Asylum provides and we can do that and then push ourselves.  Between Asylum and running, I burned 1,300 calories.

Tonight, we're going to a baseball game.  I won four box seats yesterday off facebook.  We're not super into baseball, but D used to love to play it, so I humor him.  :)  It's also Thirsty Thursday and I adore cheap beer.

So, the Stalking, right?  We talked briefly about getting a webcam to watch the dogs.  And then D ordered one offline.  It came in yesterday and all day has been spent checking in on the camera.  Can't see the dogs very well, but the damn thing is still addicting. And fun.

For example:
I leave for work.  D stays home.
An hour passes.
I get on the app to see the webcam (MyDLink, in case anyone cares.)
I  see D sitting on the couch, in my spot.
I send him a text asking why he's in my spot.
His head immediately whips around towards the camera and I see him furiously type.
"Oh, that's creepy." 
Now I just need one for the barn.

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