Or, "Force Applied Must Be Greater Than Friction."

I later learned that it isn't supposed to look like a unicorn horn.
Shockingly, the woman with whom I was to do the Mud Run this weekend fell playing soccer.  She was doing a one-day co-ed tournament and fell in the first five minutes.  She broke her arm.

We had plans to tie-dye our shirts in purple on Sunday.  Since she can't run, my hubby is going to take her place.  We maintained the plans to tie-dye and included the hubs in on the action.  Poor man is going to be wearing a purple tie-dye shirt.  What he doesn't know yet is that I plan on decorating said shirt in hot pink puff paint.  Gotta represent the team, right?  

By the way, our team name is, "We're Not Last."  Given that the ol' hub hasn't run.. ever.. it might actually be a misnomer.  We'll see.

photo 2.JPG
This is his second
dead lady.
We went on Saturday to get tattoos.  I know, I know.  I just went two weeks ago.  Well, they fucked up the scheduling.  I absolutely hate the lazy POS that runs the front desk.  He scheduled us to come in at 12:30 for my husband's four hour tattoo and then my appointment was for five for an hour.  When we got there at 12:20, we were informed that the receptionist screwed up and that our artist wasn't coming in until 2:30.  There was a giant circle around the 12:30 with an arrow pointing down.  Someone should have called us.

We ended up getting our Saturday cupcakes and getting lunch and came back with enough time to spare.  The artist showed up a little bit before 2:30 and started drawing D's piece.  We decided that my appointment would get eaten and I rescheduled for after my mom's wedding.  The little receptionist dude wasn't around, so I asked if I could book my own appointment.  I started flipping through the book and found my date and started filling out the book.  By that time, the receptionist returned and took my deposit.  He only gave me an hour and I had to ask for more time.  I think I want to get some script, too.  By this point, the artist was pissed and grabbed the pen out of the receptionist's hand and marked through for the appropriate starting time for his next appointment.  I mean, I know the next three things I want.  Maybe I ought to just go ahead and get it all done at once.  He normally charges me less than he does my husband.  :)

And on the Archie front:  the appointment is scheduled.  The question of riding was taken out of my hands yesterday by the weather.  I don't know if I should continue, because he's relatively sound, or if I should be safe and just wait. I cried a little bit on our ride Saturday.  Nothing I've read about ringbone is promising.  

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