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When I lived in Augusta, I used a vet in Aiken, SC.  If you're at all familiar with the East Coast, Aiken is kind of a big deal in the horse world.  Lots of big-time riders have winter barns in Aiken.  And my vet was pretty awesome.  Let me retract that, the primary vet was awesome.  The secondary vet was a fucktard.  But, honestly, I love my new vet here even more.

Back in Aiken, Archie had all sorts of fun, expensive stuff done.  I took him in once because he was bucking and cross-cantering.  They blocked his hocks and he was smooth and beautiful.  He then got his hocks injected and he was never smooth or beautiful.  I was a little disgruntled after that.  And broke, so there were no more diagnostics.

In talking to my new vet and telling him Archie's super-awesome medical history, he explained that sometimes when they block hocks, they also block some other region.  And a lot of times, it's actually that other region (see, memory?  I can't remember!) that has the issues.  He reviewed the Archman's rads and felt this was the case.  This was last summer and I was more concerned about his anhydrosis than his ouchie-ness, considering the anhydrosis could, you know, kill him.  And then the winter visit just resulted in his month off and all those drugs, so we never touched on his back end.

I had thought about the Contender II saddle pad when he was diagnosed with the back pain in January.  I still want it, but now I'm thinking that the Back on Track Quick Wraps might have greater urgency.

Ringbone.  Osteoarthritis.  Inflammation.  Increased bone production.  Increased inflammation.  Increased bone production.  Right?  But the Quick Wraps are supposed to reduce swelling and inflammation.  If this is ringbone, what if I can slow the progression?  Let me just say:  I have been to hell and back with this horse and I will continue the journey.  He's worth it.  Worth every penny, all the sweat, all the tears.  I can't not try.

At this point, I called the vet but their computer systems are down.  I told the receptionist that Archie was due for his vax and that my farrier suspected ringbone.  She let out an immediate, "Ohhh, no."  No one has had a reaction up until now and that wasn't quite the reaction I was hoping for.

Appointment next Monday.

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  1. My friend Allison got me hooked on BoT products. She bought them for her horse who had a tendon injury, and she said it improved swelling and inflammation and helped her heal clean. I was skeptical at first, but Carlos has a sore back from time to time, and I bought the pad in November and he's been golden since. I've bought the blanket and I think the expense of the product has help offset what I would have paid in Massage therapy or chiropractic work I was considering getting done.

    1. Do you know if she used the quick wraps or the pillows or the polos? I definitely don't question the efficacy or quality of the products - just a whole lot of money. I'm waiting until the vet comes out on Monday to see what he thinks, if my thoughts about the approach to inflammation would be viable in this situation. I've also emailed the company to see if they have any reports about the quick wraps and ringbone. I appreciate the support. :)