Mystery Solved.

I've been complaining about Archie being off for about a month now, right?  His farrier came on Tuesday.  I was anxious for part of the day, since I wasn't there to hold him and figured that if it had anything to do with his feet, the farrier would tell me.  By Wednesday, I relaxed.

Imagine my surprise when the barn owner (I'm trying to be polite.  There are other things I want to call her.) walked up to me tonight and told me that I needed to call my farrier.  I asked why.  She said that he told her, something about calcium, blah blah blah, she didn't understand, just call him.

I called him immediately.



Worse on his right front but present on his left.  I had no idea what it means, I've never heard of it before.  I immediately called my old trainer from Augusta and left her a message.  She called me back and told me what she knew, which was pretty nil.  She'd never had a horse with ringbone.  She asked me why the farrier thought it was there.  He felt it.  When I knew to look, to move his bell boots, I felt it, too.  And then I checked out the other horses and didn't feel it.

Next step?  Vet.  Radiographs.  Official diagnosis. 


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