Nat'l Running Day

I love running.  Other than the Insanity (crap), it's the sole thing that I do that is completely and utterly dependent upon me and my abilities.  Work involves a team.  Riding involves the Kid.  Soccer depends on both sides.  Running is just me and the ground and the partnership we've got.

I'm not a good runner.  I'm not good at a lot of things - it's a hard realization, but a necessary one nonetheless.  I'm not fast and my form is sometimes questionable.  I can go farther than people who aren't runners.  But if you're a runner, you can probably out-distance and out-pace me.

Somehow, being mediocre doesn't ruin the appeal (I guess if I weren't capable of accepting mediocrity, I would have stopped riding years ago!).  I like competing, I like improving on my personal bests or personal records.  But the main appeal is in the act itself.

I just like to run.

I like the feel of my feet hitting the ground, the air entering and exiting my mouth, the arms pumping and the legs straining.  So I wanted to share some of what makes the whole task even more pleasant and enjoyable for me. It's primarily my iPhone.  (Whore.)

I run to music, of course.  I'm not crazy about music, but I have tastes.  On my "Run Run" playlist, in no particular order, is:

  • Grounds for Divorce by Elbow
  • My Body by Young the Giant
  • Hate and Jealousy by Lucero
  • Black Magic Woman by Santana
  • Wait So Long by Trampled by Turtles
  • Dystopia (the Earth is On Fire) by YACHT
  • Abraham's Daughter by Arcade Fire
  • Run Daddy Run by Miranda Lambert
  • Love and Memories by O.A.R.
  • Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons
  • White Liar by Miranda Lambert
I had some Emimen on there for a while, but instead of making me run better, it made me anxious.

photo 2.PNGphoto 1.PNGMy favorite app for this is MapMyRun+.  It's phenomenal (though I'm not as pleased with recent upgrades). It tracks me via GPS and I've got it set up to talk to me.  She tells me every half mile how far I've gone, how many miles per hour and how many minutes per mile.  She gently fades my music in and out when she starts talking.   

The website for the program is pretty good, too.  I'm able to see where other people are running and things like that.  I can see my splits and my elevation (which doesn't matter nearly as much here in Savannah).

I typically double-up on sports bras (unless I'm wearing my super nice Murino), and they're all cheapies.  I normally run in tank tops, because Georgia is hot as shit.  If it's winter, I'll throw on an extra large long sleeve t-shirt, which still gives me room to breathe.  In winter, I'll run in my fancy running capris.  All other seasons, it's generic running shorts.  I've got three pairs of fancy real-running shorts - the kind that are really short and mold to your body.  I can't wear one pair yet (or couldn't a few months ago) because my thighs are too fat.  Sad face.

When I win the lottery, I'm going to go to Fleet Feet and have my stride analyzed.  Until then, I'll continue running in my Adidas Kanadia.  I've had three pairs and absolutely love them, but I think it's time for number four.  I'm starting to have heel pain.  

Savannah has some pretty awesome places to run.  I normally go to the Lake Mayer Community Park Thing, because it's the nearest to my house and I like looking at the ducks.  The track there sucks though, because it's technically just shy of 1.5 miles and dips on one side.  It's also generally pretty crowded and the people aren't necessarily pleasant.

I also like to go to Ft. Pulaski, but it's considerably further away.  It's got the best view of ships coming in, the old fort and marshland.  It also isn't very crowded, but you've got to depend on GPS.  You also have to watch for random scat droppings.

Next to Ft. Pulaski is the old railroad tracks.  It extends six miles from downtown to Ft. Pulaski.  It's pretty freaking great - nice surface, nice shade, not a lot of people, great view and it's got distance markers.  It's also just a little too far to do regularly.

I used to run at Daffin Park, but gave that up when I started going to Lake Mayer more regularly.  It's just not as safe or as close.  Another great and popular, but too far to be feasible, is Forsyth Park.  The only time I've ever really run it was part of a 5k, so I'm not sure it counts.

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  1. I like running too :) My SO, Jordan, was an ultra marathon runner, and has kicked running recently for bike racing. He was a swimmer before running and I keep telling him to combine it all and just be a triathlete.

    1. Oh, I've got a few friends that do triathlons. I think that would be fun, some day. Man, he's got to be super lean, right? I would actually love to do a pentathlon. I fenced in high school and still have my epée somewhere.
      So, now I'm doubly-excited for you to come to Sav'h. A riding buddy and a running buddy! Bonus points if Jordan can get D back on his bike. D was semi-pro in college and hasn't ridden since. :(

    2. He actually has very muscular upper body and the rest of him is lean! Funny triangle shape.

      Oh I saw they are selling an Owl Saddle Pad on Tack of the Day today!