Sports Injuries

Ouchie, ouchie, says I.

About a month ago (everything is about a month ago), I started having pain in my left heel.  Hubs told me that it was my Achilles' tendon and that the pain would go away.  It persisted.  And it mostly hurt when I exercised, because Insanity and Asylum have a shit ton of jumps and jumping jacks and this one little reverse plank that has all your weight on your hands and one heel.

Yesterday morning, I wasn't able to put my right heel on the ground.  It took me about ten minutes of hobbling to stretch the foot enough that it felt comfortable to bear weight.  Hubs has diagnosed this as plantar fasciitis.   Yay!  This morning was better, but still a bitch.

The first thing I thought of was wrapping both legs on a horse.  The injured leg needs the protection, the supporting leg needs the assistance.  In talking to the hubs, we sorta think it happened like this:  six months of intense exercise is finally straining my body; subsequently, I'm getting all sorts of various aches and pains and I'm more susceptible to injury and illness.  I tore something in my left heel and haven't stopped riding, running or exercising.  I started bearing more weight on my right heel to compensate and to get away from the pain.  Now I've fucked up my right heel.

Any other person would take some time off.  I really don't feel like I can, though.  I'll get two days this weekend of no working out and, as much as I really, really want to, I probably won't go running on Saturday morning like I planned.  Augusta has some pretty amazing running trails, if you can find them.  I think the result will be some education from the hubs on foot stretches, some new exercise and running shoes, and some more sucking it up.  Oh, and I think I really am going to try to go to a chiropractor (maybe Archie and I can see the same one!) and see about some adjustments.  I've had my neck done before, but that was years ago.  As a spine surgeon PA, D sees patients who have been to chiropractors and had it fail, so he doesn't place much credence in them.

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