And the Time I Went Ballistic..

This gets a little weird to write.

Don't want to publish negative things about another person, you know?  Partially because she's influential and partially because of the karmic returns on something like that.

I went to the barn after work yesterday, like normal.  I've talked to the BO previously about leaving the stall doors open during the day, so the guys can go in if they want.  She said fine, but that she would be closing the stalls at night.  Every single day since then, they've been open at night and closed during the day.  When I'm there, I open them.  This was the conversation that was immediately followed by her declaration of a raise in board.

So, I got there yesterday and the stalls are closed and Arch seems fine - drenched in sweat, which is good.  At a hundred degrees, that's how I want him.  But he's also covered in various patches of edema, which I can't understand.  Lay down in an ant's bed?  Something with his condition?  Reaction to something?  I hosed him off and set him up in his stall to eat his beet pulp and beer.  I skipped the liniment given his skin being all swollen.

When I rode on Wednesday, I noticed that the water trough was low (to the bottom third tier).  And, granted this is the worst fucking time to do such an experiment, I ran a little test.  I didn't fill it up.  I didn't touch it.

And, on Thursday, this is what I found.
I was literally shaking when I called the BO.  Shaking.  I haven't been this pissed off in a long time.  There were about eighteen things wrong with this picture.  The lack of water, the lack of cleanliness, for starters.

I immediately started scrubbing the damn thing (which, by the way, there wasn't a scrub brush for the water trough until I bought one)(kind of like there wasn't a manure pile until I started one) while I called her.  She was incredibly apologetic and swears she filled it up Wednesday morning and just got busy on Thursday.  I find that hard to believe.  Incredibly hard to believe.  Do I think three horses could drain most of a bucket in a day?  In July?  In Georgia?  Sure.  Do I think they did?  No.  I don't think this thing had been filled up since probably Monday or Tuesday.  Do I think it's her responsibility to not kill my horse by negligence?  Yes - but it's also mine.  Ugh.  I just wish I could find somewhere better that met all of my his needs.

In the conversation, I also told her that I expected the stalls to be let open during the day.  She gave me some shit about that.  I, in turn, told her about how her 28 year old gelding was gulping water as we talked.

I don't think she knows that I took a picture.  I certainly don't think that she will have expected me to share that picture with the leaser and the other boarder.

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  1. :( That really sucks. I hope you find somewhere else to board!

    1. And if I do, I will totally let you know the details! Man, I really want the other lady to build some run-ins.

  2. Oh man I would be pissed too... so sorry :(

    1. Thanks. I feel like I've put her "on notice."