Exciting Thing Number One:  Rock'N'Roll Half-Marathon
I went to a training class this morning offered by my job in preparation for the Rock'n'Roll Marathon.  As I'm already a runner who has competed and primarily a voracious self-educater, I didn't learn a whole lot.  She did talk about how it would be important to carb out the 3-5 days prior to the race, rather than just the night before.  For my little recognized runs, I've always just carbed the night before, so that's a new and exciting concept.  I love carbs.

I also learned that my job will reimburse me the cost of registration.  I plan on doing the half-marathon. I was surprised at how many people (primarily walkers, granted) were clueless about the distance for the half.  Most of these people haven't walked multiple miles and have the intentions of grueling out thirteen of them.  I guess there's plenty of time to train, though.  And, hey, they did take out the Truman Parkway, so good-bye to the one "hill."

Exciting Thing Number Two:  Horseback Riding
The chiro told me to start working Archie's little butt off.  Really.  She gave me permission.  He seemed worse after increased work, but she said to go for it.  Today!  That he's going to be muscle-sore and to build up those muscles.  It's a scary concept, so I'm going to take my normal-Archie approach and advance slowly.  I figure that since he's had intermittent time off lately, it probably won't hurt to build from the ground up again.  We'll start with ten minutes of walking and five of trotting and a cool-down.  With lots of downward transitions to help that topline.  (For the record:  she said he had a great topline, but to build it even more we should do downward transitions.  This is news to me.)

Unfortunately, the increase in riding time is going to coincide with the increase in running time.  And the return of the fall soccer season.  Cross bridge later.

Exciting Thing Number Three:  Photography practice
I start at the Humane Society this weekend.  I'm nervous and excited.  What if I suck?  What if I get mauled?  Cat bites are a special form of evil.

(Side note:  I went to a coworker's house last night and trimmed the nails of all twelve of her cats.  I deserve a fucking medal.)

Exciting Thing Number Four:  New Barn
No, I suck and I haven't been out there yet.  The twelve cats took an hour and a half.  But!  My friend, who just saw this place on Sunday, is moving her horse there today.  I meant to call the lady on my shortened lunch break, but now I'm just hoping to meet my friend there tonight.  And it gives me a couple of weeks to see how she likes it.

I keep looking at the post on Craigslist and this chick really seems to have her shit together.  Current BO hasn't ever dragged the pastures or anything, but that lady dragged her freaking ring on a Sunday afternoon.  I might have a little crush.

Exciting Thing Number Five:  Baby Shower
Sure as shit not my baby.  But one of the chicks from my soccer team, actually, the one who broke her arm, invited me to her friend's baby shower.  I didn't know the friend's name for the longest time and only found it out about half-way through the season.  But this is exciting for two reasons:  1) it means that I have friends who (while benefiting from my attendance) like me enough to invite me to a party (even if it's a baby shower and I don't particularly care for babies) and 2) it makes me feel like a local.

Exciting Thing Number Six:  Old Archie Photos

This is, by far, one of my favorites.  His little hocks are up, his ears are forward, and I'm somewhat doing what I'm supposed to be doing.  Or something.
Once upon a time, a quarterhorse mare and I plowed through this fence,
splitting a rail.
I loved this little fence.

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