Back to the Grind

Why, yes, my previously anhydrotic horse does sweat better than yours!
My husband would gladly testify that I have been supremely lazy of late.  Any justification I can get for doing nothing, I'll take.  In my opinion, nothing would be better than coming home from work, turning on the tv, making a mixed drink or opening a beer, and sitting on the couch for a couple of hours.

And, to be honest, I do a version of that every night anyways (really need to cut back on the alcohol!).  But my version doesn't kick in until I've done two work outs and it's nine and dinner is in the oven.

It's been like this for months, so I should be used to it, right?

I think I've been going through a burn out phase.  After six months of Insanity and Asylum, I needed some time off.  My husband gave me a week.  I took two.  Or three.  I lost count.

We started the work outs again on Sunday.  I don't have the same sense of enthusiasm that I had before.  It's work.  It's not fun.  I hate Shaun T.  I don't even want to run right now.  And I can't find it within me to really push Archie, either.  We bought the bike and I'm excited about that, but is something new and fresh.

I think part of it is that I'm not seeing any sort of difference in my body.  I'm killing myself, nightly, but other than slightly bigger muscles, there's no magic.  I haven't turned into a bikini model overnight.  I'm still chubby, the number on my scale hasn't budged (other than minor fluctuations up and down - that bitch), and my clothes all feel the same.  Oh, yeah, except my non-stretchy shirts are all tighter in the shoulders, which is awesome.  Except that by "awesome", I mean it fucking blows.  I count my calories, I try my best to balance my carbs and my sugars, I exercise religiously, I eat multiple small meals and drink no less than 100 ounces of water a day, and I'm not getting any smaller.

But I've committed to get back into it.  To keep pushing.  D gets really supportive in the midst of my bitching during a workout and I'll either flip him off or stop exercising and pout.  I'm signing up for the half-marathon, which has me about a tenth as excited as I was for my first 5k, so I'm planning to get back into my schedule. ..Yay.

Very hipster photo of me getting the Blue Midge.  (That's her name.)
Dropping Blue off at the bike shop for her check up.  Digging the plaid.

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