First Step

I've gotten a pretty positive response on facebook, so it's not just me being super excited about something silly.  Or, it's mass hysteria, which is okay, too.

I've worked in veterinary medicine for a million years, right?  Up until October, 2010 (same month I got married - whole lot of crazy shit happened around then), it had been primarily on a part-time basis.  Meaning, in Augusta, I left the salaried, shoot-myself-in-the-head day job and hauled ass to get the girls, change, and go to the emergency clinic.  The emergency clinic was bliss.

In October, I accepted a crappy-paying, no benefits, lowly receptionist position with a family-own veterinary practice.  In theory, I should have been somewhat happy.  But I was miserable.  And I have this little issue with stress and my bills weren't getting paid, which exacerbated the whole stress thing.  And I was sick with no healthcare.  All-around shitty situation.

So I got another grown-up, bill-paying, benefit-providing shoot-myself job.  My intentions were to just offer up a couple months' of work for the vet clinic and wean myself off.  It's addicting.  I know so much about vet medicine and I like sharing that knowledge.  So, at the same time that I was starting this new job, I signed up to be a volunteer with the local humane society.

Side note:  I think volunteering is a big fucking deal.  Lots of organizations wouldn't exist without people donating their time to help out.  If you don't have time, give a little money.  If you don't have money, give some possessions.  If you can't give possessions, then give a little thought and do what you can (social media is everywhere) to help spread their message.
My first volunteer gig was for Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services.  RCSAS isn't for everyone.  But it sure as shit was a character-defining opportunity for me.
Given that I was working at the vet clinic, working my real job, working out, and starting the dressage lessons... I never actually volunteered.

I'm pleased to announce the opportunity for change.  I'm on the listserve for the Humane Society and when the coordinator put out a call for a few photographers, I jumped.  Literally, jumped for joy.  I had asked about it when I signed up as a volunteer, but they already had a professional photographer.

I start next Sunday.  :)

Oh, and I thought it was an interview process.  So, I grabbed my gear (I have a lot of shit, too: the camera body; zoom lens, kit lens, portrait lens, blur lens and macro lens; external flash; and remote and various cords) and made a little portfolio of twenty or so of my "best" animal photos.  And, when I got there, I realized it wasn't any sort of interview, all five of us were welcome, and I was the only one to bring stuff.  Go me.

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  1. Very cool. I also believe in giving, having worked at a NPO Community Art's center for a while. Every month I try to give either money, time or things to various organizations. :)