Lost Time.

The last time I sat in the saddle of my horse was Friday.

Three days doesn't feel like a long time, but it really is.  I wonder how he's going to be when I'm able to ride again.  Tonight?  Tomorrow?  Thursday?

The weather.  The weather.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights have all had thunderstorms roll through.  I'm actually an evil person and laughed maniacally when I went to the barn last night and saw that the other boarder was starting her ride.  I knew it was about to rain.  She didn't clue in.  She was going on a trail ride and left all the windows to her vehicle down.

Husband took my bike back to the shop to have them fix it from when they fixed it.  Realigned the brake pad and ran it through the gears - evidently, nothing I do should pop off the chain.  I just thought I was special.  And gave me a free water bottle, which is a nice gesture.

What else?  Oh, didn't end up eating with the barn friend because they didn't go out until too late for me and my grandpa husband.  We got pizza and beer instead.  :)

Tonight, it's a hopeful ride on the kid.  A hopeful short bike ride.  Asylum "Strength" and, maybe, just maybe, a couple miles run around the neighborhood.  It'll be damn near impossible to do all four, but here's to hoping.

Oh, and I'm officially registered for the Savannah Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon.  Squee!

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