A Post in Pictures (Trail Ride)

Am I the only one who immediately gets a little panicked any time the horse is down?
Ps.  Wheel barrow in the field is the bane of my existence.
"Mom?..  Breathe, lady! Okay, okay, I get up."
"Good looking out, Mom!  I was too busy listening for Monsters to
notice the clamshells."
"I'm not sure about this part of the woods."
"I'm not sure about here, either."
Yeah.  Footwear, for whatever reason, never seems as important when
there are no stirrups.
"I'm not sure about this, Mom."
What I missed, photo-wise:  the end of this road, the locked gate, the turn-around.

Roosters are Evil.  Pony is Brave.
(As a side note: there is a shower on this porch.  Awesome.)
Tried to get the marshland in the background.

Headed back towards the barn.
Isn't the ivy gorgeous?
Brave Pony gets a rewarding bath.

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