I wish I didn't have to have a day job.  I wish that I could take pictures, ride horses and play with my dogs all day.  Occasionally read or write or something.  And nap.

I gave the horse the day off yesterday.  I went and fed him his beet pulp and applied his linament.  I guess I was a little forceful or maybe because I was applying it directly to a dry coat (versus wet, which has been the norm), but he gave me a HOLY MOTHER OF GOD reaction.  As hollow as that spine got, I'm sure the muscles got a little stretching.  So, yeah, alcohol and spray bottle have been acquired.

In lieu of riding, the husband and I did our Asylum workout (Cardio Plyo) early and then I headed out for a run.  That's where things got a little weird.

I was finishing the first mile when I noticed a chick go by me on the outside.  I immediately gave chase, only to have her slow down.  And then I realized that this chick was outpacing me and only had one arm.  Granted, the arm doesn't really impede her ability to use her legs better than me, there is a component of running that deals with core development and balance.  If she's been like this forever, then I imagine that she's adjusted.  If she's a recent amputee (which, given the stark difference of muscle tone between her two arms, I question the recentness), then doing anything with an imbalance is going to be difficult.

So I ran the next mile chasing her.  We both stopped for water and I actually cussed when she was done drinking and started running before me.  And then that last mile or so, I outpaced her.  And seriously, seriously wanted to vomit the entire time.  It was so stinking hot.

When I was done with my three miles, I turned around to walk back to my car and passed her.  Most runners, at least here, will give you a head nod or some sort of acknowledgement if you've been pacing together.  She gave me a smile and a wave.  I wish I had asked her running frequency because that was probably my best time, ever.  (32.03 for three, pace of 10:41)

The plan tonight is to take the Kid on a bareback trail ride, eat some Indian food, and do P90x's Kempo X.  And sleep.

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  1. I want that lifestyle too, napping, pony and puppies!

    mmm indian food jealous! Is P90x/Insanity mainly Plyo/Cardio?

    1. It's "High Intensity Interval Training." I haven't gotten into the P90x as much, because I think it might be easier than Insanity. I just really wanted to do the kicking/punching part of it. So, yeah, lots of cardio and plyo. Push ups, planks, squats, jumps. And specific core work outs and recovery stuff. Asylum has weights and resistance bands, in addition to a ladder. I think it's actually more enjoyable, though I hate it all right now. :)

    2. Okay, was just wondering since you were mentioning not seeing a difference much in your body, I was going to suggest weights but didn't want it to be a toally stupid comment since I'm not familiar with either program. :P