The Seconds

Archie had his second adjustment yesterday.  It went considerably better than the first one, adjustment-wise.  And attitude?  He was affectionate and charming, to a point.  That point was his back end.  And then the little bugger lifted and gave warning.

Oh, I love my pony.

I dreamt about jumping last night.  About strides and fences and turns and flight and release.

I don't know if it was more "memory" or "fantasy."  Or a combination of the two.  It has been years since I've jumped anything higher than a cross rail.  And I dream of fences.

I've pretty much decided that I'm going to move Archie.  I'm tired of the bullshit at my current barn.  I'm tired of an almost-empty, dirty water bucket; of manure-encased stalls; of having to constantly go move branches and sticks so I can have a place to ride.  And I asked the BO to leave the stalls open during the day.  90+° weather, so I think, if the Kid wants, he should be able to walk into the stall with the box fan.  When I asked her about it, she said she was going up in board.  Nothing major - $15-20 a month.  But the fact that it came on the tail end of my request?

And she hasn't even left the doors open.

So, the new "barn" (I'm not even sure it has a barn, to be honest)...

  • 15.5 miles from my apartment (roughly my drive to work, but west instead of north)
  • Private pasture enclosed in hot wire and no-climb fencing
  • Each paddock is 1.5 acres
  • Seminole feed, bermuda hay, daily grooming, daily deworming and fly spray (also, barefoot trims every five weeks at no additional charge - but the Kid has front shoes, so I won't take advantage of that)
  • Also included (and this shit sounds too good to be true) is the yearly vax and coggins (which.. Archie just had, anyways)
  • Feed buckets cleaned daily, water refilled daily and water buckets cleaned twice a week.
  • There's a 250x250 riding ring with 8 professional jumps.
  • BO lives on property (in a trailer, but who am I to judge?)
  • $300/month
  • The freshly-dragged riding ring, with jumps removed.
Old barn:
  • .87 miles from my apartment (three minute drive, fifteen minute walk)
  • Roughly five acres with beautiful 4-rail black wood fencing, shared with two other geldings
  • Bottom of the barrel 12% sweet feed, peanut hay, no grooming, hit or miss deworming, occasional fly spray, holding for farrier
  • ...
  • No riding ring.  One jump, one broken jump, miscellaneous partially rotted rails.  Trail around property (see last photography post).
  • Water bucket cleaned when either I or the lesser get a chance.  Feed buckets never cleaned (I can't get the damn thing off the wall.)
  • BO lives across the street in a $1.3M mansion.
  • $400+/month

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  1. You'll have to take and post pics of the new place. Do they have a website? You obviously know why I'm asking lol.

    1. Updated, with pictures! I haven't actually been there, but my friend was interested in moving her guy and I found the place for her. She went last night and absolutely loved it. These are the pictures she took with her iPhone.

    2. Awesome, sometimes going out of the way is better than whats right at your door (hence why I drive a ridiculous amount around lol) 15 miles ain't that bad!