Shh.. I Have A Secret.

No, I'm not pregnant.  Fuck.  Now you've ruined it.

Archie and I jumped today.

It wasn't anything major and I read his body so well the entire time, asking constantly if it was okay to continue and he kept giving me giant hooves up.  When a horse pulls you to the jump, I think it's a safe indicator that they agree with your idea of a good time.

I think he and I have both been bored senseless with the circles.  The chiro told me to hold off on doing small circles, so we've been doing large ones and figure-eights. 

After our trot work, I walked him over a crossrail.  Yeah, everything we jumped today could be walked over.  I'm not hating - I'm pleased as fuck.  After walking over the crossrail in both directions, I asked him to pick up a trot and we headed back over it.

He landed cantering and it was beautiful.

We did it a couple more times and then I took him over to a different part of the pasture where a few tree limbs had fallen and which I rigged into a ghetto jump.  We did that in both directions, too.

And then I took him over to another fallen limb, this one a bit trickier.  I've walked him over it several times, but never asked him to jump it.  It's not big or anything, but one side branches into two limbs and the other side gets really high, so you've got to be lined up for it.  We've never had a problem with that and didn't today.  :)

After the ride, I hosed him off and applied my newly-acquired linament to his back.  I got that shit on my bare hands and I can certainly testify to it's strength.  The directions say that you can mix it, so I think I'm going to put some of it in a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and start spraying his major muscle groups, with maybe more concentrated medication directly on his back.

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    1. Thanks! He was sooo good and I was so incredibly happy to be jumping. He felt good the next day, too!