Weekends are Wonderful.

Except Saturday.  Saturday was just weird.

I worked at the vet clinic - they suckered me in to one last day - and then met my husband for lunch and went to a baby shower.

The vet's office was fine.  I broke a few rules and told the clients why I was breaking them.  MY LAST DAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY, BITCHES!  Overall, though, it was a very nice way to end the career.  I worked with someone I like, we talked shit the entire time, and no emergencies came in.  I also got to flaunt my knowledge by quizzing her on random things that a receptionist doesn't need to know, while not once having to talk about fleas.

Two most common reasons for a dog to have swelling under the eye?  
1)  Bug bite/allergies.  2) Abscessed tooth.

Hubs and I ate at Five Guys.  It was greasy and thick and absolutely delightful.  My little cheesy veggie sandwich oozed mayo and cheese and onions.  I was in absolute heaven.  And.. we're both addicted to Diet Vanilla Coke, which isn't made or bottled any more.  The Five Guys had installed one of those uber fancy Coke dispensers, so we got to have the vanilla with our fries.

And the baby shower.  I really like the girls from my soccer team, but I don't know them that well.  I tried very hard to be on my best behavior and I was given the task of taking photos.  I didn't get any super amazing candids because.. well, that's awkward.  Hi, I'm the chick in scrubs with a dSLR pointing at you.  When the subject got to child support and court systems, I changed it.  Fucking baby shower, guys.

I went home after that and ate a cupcake that possibly made me sick.  I know, I was horrified, too.  Or it was the Five Guys.  Either way, the day was shot.  Oh, and it thundered and when I wasn't feeling like crap, I had a black furball whimpering in my lap.

That's me.
Sunday, we got up bright and early (or not.  We rolled out of bed at ten) and got things ready to go bike riding.  D had to go through a twenty-step pre-ride mental checklist.  And then he got all sorts of pissed off because the back brake on my bike was rubbing the rim.  Evidently, this is a big deal.  I said, whatever, a little bit of friction will help build my speed.  Then he started spouting off about how the rim would have to be replaced if it rubbed too much, blah blah blah.  A little bike ride!  Just a little bike ride!

Forever later, after he made some adjustments and whatnot, we headed out.  We ended up doing six and a half miles with very few mishaps.  I somehow popped the chain off and almost got hit by a couple cars.  No biggie.  :)  But.. did anyone else not know that the sound of the wind from a nice canter could be recreated on a bike?

It's Blue Midge!
As soon as the ride was done, we headed down town to eat brunch at Paula Deen's Lady and Sons.  I talked to tourists for a few minutes and made friends.  I don't know what was up with this weekend, but I think the theme was gorging.  We go to Paula's every six months or so, specifically on a Sunday, and just pig out on the buffet.  There are some fried dead things and some dead things tossed in with some green things, but what I particularly enjoy:  macaroni and cheese, sweet potato, creamed corn and the salad bar.  And the cheddar biscuits.  And the flapjack.  And the peach cobbler.  I think we waddled out of there.

OCD Mental Checklist 2.0.
And went directly to the beach.

Gingers need a lot of sunblock.
Husband is a ginger with very sensitive skin, so we bought one of those half-tent things that you sit inside of.  I swear to god, the entire beach watched and laughed as we tried to assemble that damn thing.  We finally did it, without blowing away, and sat the chairs in.  We hung out, drinking beer and sunning, for a couple of hours.  And then the wind changed and we both immediately had some warning bell go off and skedaddled.  I ripped in to some tourist who cut me in line for the shower.  Good times!

We drove home in a storm.

So, pretty much no riding this weekend.  I rode Friday and popped him over a couple of crossrails.  I'm getting a feel for how his back works.  He can't do jumping consistently yet.  And I can ask for the canter more often, so long as I stay off his back.  It was hilarious, though.  He's been trotting in and cantering out and taking the jump as an actual jump, until the last time.  Then he did that little lesson pony big step thing, where he just lifted each leg as though it were a trot pole and kept trotting out.

Tonight, we're supposed to meet the leaser and her SO for pizza and beer.  They're moving back to PA tomorrow.  I'm pretty sad to see her go because she was awesome to talk to and fun to ride with.

Hiding in the tent.
I like the reflection.
Oh, yeah.  So.. we found a nest outside our front door of brown widows,
the fugly cousin of the black widow.  Equally as toxic, but less of a biter.
We killed them all.  This is the sole survivor (at least, she was).

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