And to celebrate, historical photos:

Lizzie, her first night home.

It says in my sidebar, but she was hit by a car,
then bit a technician.  And I brought her home. 

Honeymoon!  Cruise to the Bahamas.

Mi madre and her husband.

One of my besties and me.  Boob contest?

Mi padre.

A still from a video in Savannah.

Snow day in Augusta.

Same snow day.
Engagement session with Haley Lamb.

Same session with Haley.

Handsome fellow.  I got engaged in that stall.

My Kid.  :)

Just couldn't relax that neck.
(Ps.  They couldn't sell that house.  ..And it was demolished.)

Same session.  (There have probably been four instances
 in six years that I haven't worn a helmet.  WEAR A HELMET!)

D is actually a little afraid of Archie.  So this was sort of a hard
photo shoot.

My family on our wedding day.  I'm not an
amputee.  WTF is my foot?  Anyways, love the smiles.

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