34 Minutes and Counting...

Yesterday was interesting.  

D desperately wants a Porsche.  In the years that we've been together, I have been trained to recognize these vehicles.  Ideally, he would get a 911 Turbo.  I would settle for an old widow-maker or the Cayenne, which is the SUV.  It's actually rated to tow and is supposed to be pretty good for it.  Anyways, driving home last night, I saw this:
Double Rainbow!
The one on the left was a new 911 Carrera S.

So, all day I could see on the webcam that the dogs had destroyed something and kept my fingers crossed that it was just a toy.  Alas, I was wrong.
This used to be my favorite pillow.  :(
I knew the culprit was Savannah.  She's only a quarter lab and she's already six plus years old, but if something can fit in her mouth or smells vaguely of food, it's going to be destroyed.  After her sister ate the corner of the quilt that my grandmother made, I've been pretty good about stacking stuff up on the back of the couch.  Today, I failed.

That black blob in the corner is her, looking ashamed.  

After that crap, I headed to the barn to give the Kid his bareback ride.  He was a punk in the morning and didn't want to eat his beet pulp and beer because BO had already set out hay and he'd already had grain.  I try to time his special snacks for when he's hungry, but I failed.

I left this ginormous so y'all could look at this hoof and tell me if the
heel looks as horrible as I think it looks.  Which is:  what heel?
Cut.  Dry and not very warm.
It'd been raining off and on all day, so I wasn't surprised that the pasture was a disgusting mud pit.  I was surprised that the little bastard threw a shoe.  I know it's not his fault, but I'm at that weird point directly between shoeings and I'm not sure that my farrier will be very friendly if I ask him out to tack on a shoe.  I also got to see a nice little cut on his side, but it wasn't very fresh.  Oh, and another tree limb fell.  I think I'm going to worry about our safety pretty soon.

Today has been a little better.  I'm counting the minutes (46) until I get to leave work.  I got to go outside and get disgustingly sweaty, but my husband got to go shopping.  I can't object.  I told him about a sale at Fleet Feet, the running store here.  All of their clearance shoes were marked down to $30.  He said it was like heaven.  He's got big ol' honking feet and all they had were giant sizes.  He scored three pairs:  Muzino (I am fucking jealous), New Balance and Brooks.  They only had two pairs of women's shoes in my size and neither were running shoes.  I take that back.  They had a pair of red Nike but, a) I loathe the color red and b) I won't wear Nike.  I'm an Adidas girl.

I got him to look at the smaller men's sizes and he found me these:
Brooks Ghost 4, men's size 8.  PERFECT!
Tonight's plan, if the weather holds, is to go on the Humane Society of Greater Savannah's Pup Crawl.  You pay ten dollars and you get an itty-bitty but adorable cup and a map.  Then you hit up all the bars on the map and they give you "free" drinks.  You just have to remember to tip.  There are normally about ten bars on the map and we didn't get all of them last time before we were buzzing.  It's a good time.

And to close, this passage from Sookie Stackhouse.  I mostly just like the third sentence and it stuck with me.
Dead Before Dark, Charlaine Harris

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  1. Replies
    1. :( When I first started with this farrier, he gave me all sorts of promises about how he would train Archie's foot to be more.. less TB. Long toe and low heel and all that. His hind end is freaking amazing, but I thought that front end looked jacked up. Like... the part of the heel that should be more perpendicular to the ground is sliding at an angle? And, is that Archie or the farrier? Unfortunately, I'm a horrible mom and was never this involved with foot care prior to the move here. :(

  2. ^agree

    Your dog should hangout with mine.. tho mine only eats underwear. We have to hide our laundry.

    1. Ugh. I remember an emergency surgery we had to do one night on a yorkie that ate a thong. I'm not going to jinx myself.

      It *is* amazing, though, that her body will digest the food but she'll barf up cloth and miscellaneous goodies twelve hours later. Oh, dogs.

    2. I found this infographic and it made me laugh and I thought it was appropriate to share with you ;)


    3. I had to pull it up on my phone because the City blocks tumblr. :( But I laughed! "Get shitloads of sleep."