Already August?


66% through with the year.  Let's take stalk:

  • Husband and I have been married for one year and ten months (tomorrow).
  • Husband and I have been together for six years and four months (ish).
  • Archie has legally been my best bud for six years and one month.
  • On the 20th of this month, D and I will have been in this city for two years. 
  • Since January, the hubs has lost 87 pounds.  Yeah, you can clap.
  • As of today, I've been with my job for a whopping nine months.
Things that I thought I would have accomplished by now:
  • I thought I would have lost more weight.
  • I thought we'd be further in the whole buying-a-house thing.  We're not far at all.
  • I'd sincerely hoped that I would have paid off more debt.
  • I had hoped to be at a better barn.
Things I'm pleased to have done:
  • Multiple 5ks, a 10k and a mud run.
  • Played soccer.  For a team.  
  • Found a chiro for the Archman and made a few horsie friends.
  • Started dressage lessons.
  • Became a volunteer photographer for the Humane Society.
  • Made friends outside of work.
  • Had my first-ever surgery and recovered with guns blazing.
Things I hope to do by the end of the year:
  • Get Archie off the current property.
  • Get the financial situation better - be it consolidating debt, getting a part-time job or cutting my personal expenses.
  • Take a few photography classes.
  • Run the half-marathon.
  • Cycle in something recognized - Midnight Bike Ride?  Over the bridge?  Something.
In other news, I hopped on the kid for a twenty-minute walk last night.  The BO fed hours earlier than normal, so instead of being there before dinner, I showed up immediately after dinner.  Which sucked.  I hated to pull him from his hay, so he got groomed while munching.  And that's also why we only walked.

And we did Strength.  And I went for a little power run.  Half a mile as hard as I fucking could.  Seriously, I thought I was going to die.  Half a mile in 4:25.  I was going to push for a mile, but safety became a concern.  I was outside of our complex and got hollered at three times in those four minutes.  (Hubs said, "What did they yell?"   I replied, "Baby, they hollered.  It's not what they said, it's that they hollered."  I think there's a distinction.)  And what kills me?  I know women on my soccer team that have 8 minute miles as their 5k pacing speed.  ONE DAY!

Bikes were nixed due to the recent rains.  Too much crap in the road.

Tonight is P90x Kempo X (it's my one request - to do Kempo X on every Wednesday).  I'll beat the hubs home by about an hour.  Walk dogs, ride pony, change clothes.  Get Mexican.  Veg out and then do Kempo.  Hopefully run.  Tomorrow night, we're supposed to immediately go on a bike ride as soon as I get off work.  And then I'll go ride the horse.  Do Asylum: Relief.  Hopefully run. 

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