Babies, Feminism and Cuddle Time

I had this crazy-ass dream last night that I was a million (maybe eight) months pregnant.

I think it has something to do with the friend who had the baby shower.  She's in a tough situation.  The pregnancy wasn't planned and her and her boyfriend have since broken up.  I don't think there's a major loss there, but it's been on my mind.  I feel for her.  When D and I started dating, I was very adamant that I wanted one child.  I think I placed a lot of emphasis on the fact that we wouldn't have a large family and maybe not enough emphasis on the fact that we would have a family.  I think he would be perfectly content to not reproduce.  He used to make jokes about coming home with puppies when my clock started ticking.

Because he was no where to be seen in my dream.  Which makes me oodles of sad.  But let me just say:  I made a beautiful preggo chick.  :)

It's sort of weird to think about one day spawning.  I was never the maternal type - I never sought out little kids and made friends or anything.  And I was actually pretty intolerant of my peers until they reached a certain maturity level.  I don't have a good relationship with any of my nieces or nephews, which I'm sort of okay with.  There's an eleven year gap between my middle brother and myself.  I was a teenager when those kids were born. So.. I'm sort of banking on the concept of "you love your own."

No smooth segue from spawning to feminism, so I'll jump in.

There's a local magazine, actually a quite nice one, called the South. It was the "Power Professional" issue.  I didn't get very far, but I got far enough to read a couple snippets from local businesswomen.  Who might be idiots.

The first lady was the CEO for a local security company.  They all had the same question:  what advice would you give, blah blah blah. The jist of her answer was all about family and the baby Jesus.  The second lady was a lawyer and her answer was, I shit you not, to apply some lipstick and "show up."

It infuriated me.  I'm all about freedom of speech.  You can say WHATEVER you want.  I support that.  Do it.  Think things.  Speak things.  But think first.  Your family may have supported you as you climbed to your position as CEO, but you did the climbing!  And, fine, baby Jesus, whatever.  But lipstick?  Really?  To be a successful and "powerful" lawyer, all I need to do is apply some Sarah Palin-esque lipsmear and show my pretty face?  Are you fucking kidding me?

Here's what would have been my response, should anyone ever deem me powerful:

Do a personal SWOT analysis.  Know your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

  • Strengths: Exploit what you're good at.  Let everyone know what you are capable of doing.
  • Weaknesses:  You have to know what you suck at in order to develop it.  And do develop your weaknesses!
  • Opportunities: Don't be afraid to be opportunistic.  I can guarantee that everyone around you is looking out for themselves with a secondary thought for those around.  Which means, frankly, that if a better opportunity presents itself you ought to take it.
  • Threats: These are purely an opportunity to be knowledgeable about your weaknesses, which, if you'd been properly introspective and mature and strong enough to tackle your shit, would be an ever diminishing list.
And from that angry tirade, to cuddling.

I went out to the barn last night with my camera.  I can't remember the last time that I just sat with Archie and didn't ask anything of him or offer anything to him.  I got some amazing photos that I'll put up tonight or tomorrow.  Interesting angles and some spectacularly crappy shots.  I think I'm going to sign up for a portrait photography class.  

Anyways, I spent about half an hour just hanging out in his pasture with him licking my toes and nuzzling my face, while Duke was standing behind me, trying to devour my back with his tongue.  After doing Asylum and berating my husband for his lack of caloric intake, it was a welcome relief.

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  1. The idea of pregnancy is scary! It's like an alien trying to claw its way out!

    (i.e. I'm not having children)

    When I was little I declared that our family needed no more children in it, I should be enough. and since I still act and look like a child the majority of the time, I still believe in that statement!

    1. See, my use of "spawn" is totally applicable!

      I've noticed two trends in my peers: no babies or no ability to make babies. There is seriously an alarming number of my friends who can't conceive. It sort of makes me want to start trying immediately in case it takes a million years.