I want to say that yesterday was a blah day, but in retrospect I actually accomplished a lot.  Around the house, at least.

Made bandannas for the girls.

Made my yellow belt.

Made a little bag to hide my desk treasures.

Worked out with D (Insanity Asylum Back to Core - it's relatively easy, which is absolutely what I needed).

I went in the rain long enough to check on Archie and give him his beer and beet pulp.

Cooked dinner (which was mediocre at best).

Watched Master Chef.

Wrapped D's boss's birthday gift (with a Christmas wrapping paper - but at least it was tasteful).

I didn't run.  I barely worked out.  But I needed a relaxing day and I can make it up on Friday, when I'm off.

I'm so ready for the weekend.

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  1. So just an FYI you're going to have to explain your wacky GA weather to me :P

    1. Oh, Georgia weather. It's completely dependent upon which part of the state you're in. Augusta, which is about two and a half hours north on the river, is completely different from Savannah.

      I'll give key words and phrases for Savannah: hot; muggy; humid; giant bugs; cool, salt marsh breezes; daily July thunderstorms (like half an hour every day at about three pm - mark my words); frigid winter mornings; wet hurricane season; no snow, but random summer hail; and hot. Granted I was only on the West Coast in November and December, I think it's a common thought that it's a different heat. This is a wet heat that sits on you. The humidity is a bitch.

      I love it. :)

    2. LOL Well good on the no Snow, Carlos grows a wimpy winter coat and would probably die if there were snow.

  2. Replies
    1. That makes me feel better because I felt so lazy! I mean, I sat down and watched people cook for an hour. :)