This could be really, really long.

Husband met me downtown and we went to the Rail Pub to get our cups for the Humane Society Pup Crawl.  For some reason, getting-drunk me decided to record everything.  I have the order of appearances, the drinks, pictures of the drinks and pictures of us holding drinks.  I remember telling one bartender, at the last bar, that I intended on blogging about it.

Chicken scratch.
Nachos at Moon River
Um.  There were drinks.  We drank them.  One place, instead of giving a free drink, wanted to give a ''discounted'' drink.  We walked away.  We ate nachos at Moon River.  We came home and ate cupcakes.  At about nine-thirty, I loaded the girls up in the back of my Subie and headed back downtown.  They were doing a raffle for a gift basket with a whole lot of crap (like free vet visits, shirts, toys, leashes, etc).  The girls were a little anxious, but they were incredibly well-behaved.  And I never realized that dogs were such major dude magnets!  Hello, wedding band!

Oh, yeah.  No, I didn't win.  Sad face.

I got up at about ten and because I'm an evil mother, I rode the partially barefoot Kid.  It was a quick ten minutes and he never felt funky or anything.  Then I called the farrier, told him about the shoe.  He's supposed to call me back (it's currently 1:20 on Monday, and I haven't heard from him) to schedule to get the shoe (which I can't find) back on.  And I called the chiro.  I was supposed to have her out a week ago, but she's not going to be able to come out until September.  Sort of sucks.

Brooks, bitches.
I changed clothes, laced up my new Brooks, and headed to a track that I've never been to.  It's out at the YMCA on Whitemarsh.  Initially, I really liked it.  It's in the woods, the other runners were super friendly, I had a good time.  It's about a mile and a half down one side and then you loop back for a total of three miles.  And it connects directly with a separate one-mile loop around a couple ponds.  Super picturesque.  Unfortunately, my GPS system decided to crap out, so my distances are a rough estimate.  I think I maintained about 11 min/mile for about four miles.  But who knows?

Hubs told me that he would be off by about two and it was already noon, so I booked it home to take a shower and lay down on the couch.  I wanted to do more, but I wanted to spend some quality alone time with the sofa, too.  I ended up waking up at about three and he still wasn't home, so I called.  He said that he saw me napping on the webcam and opted to give me more alone time. :)

When he got home, we went shopping and to dinner.  I dropped a hundred dollars for clothes at Rue 21 because they had some neat infinity scarves (birds and skulls, I'll a sucker) and some little knit cardigans just barely long enough to cover the half sleeve (which is a giant worthwhile pain in the ass).

Got up and did about eleven miles cycling around the apartment.  We moved my saddle forward and tipped the nose down a tad and it was an improvement.  I also got padded shorts.  I think I might just need a new saddle. Le sigh.

I went to the barn after that and spent a little bit of time loving on Archie and putting yucky stuff on his little scratch.  The chiro told me to get a boot so I could keep him in work, but I don't know where the fuck she thought those were around here.  Jacksonville?  Oh, yes, please, let's take a two hour drive, one way, so I can buy a boot.

I don't remember much else about Saturday.  I think we did some more shopping.  Thrift stores.  We ate.  We had Mexican and froyo and were equally disgustingly full.  Oh!  We did see the Campaign and it was great!  Short, but great.  And then we had a super thunderstorm with lights out and intersections closed.  And I went to the Humane Society to take my second official round of pictures.  I saw a Siamese mix that I wanted to sneak into my purse.  Her name was Bird.  She had the typical fucked-up Siamese vision and I couldn't tell if she ever really saw me or just the wall.  It was adorable.

Uh.  Shit.  I should remember this.  Yesterday.  Yesterday.  Got up.  Did something.  Oh!  Subway.  Lunch. Grocery shopping.  Visited Archie and started to clean his stall, only to realize that the motherfucking wheel barrow had a flat wheel.  We went to the big YMCA out on the islands.  I picked it over our normal one because it was bigger, in a nicer area, and boasted a rock wall and zipline course... neither of which were actually open, even though the brochure said that they would be.  I'm interested to try both of those.

I did about half an hour on the elliptical while my husband, *gasp*, ran on the deadmill.  He doesn't like to run, so I'm not sure what inspired it.  Then we did weights and today I can't move my arms.

Sustainable Sammy and a quinoa salad
My sweetheart brought me an amazing lunch from a local cafe that's too far for me to get to on my lunch break.  I'm trying to talk him into meeting me downtown for dinner at a little pub that I pass all the time because... 

I have a portrait photography class!  

I'm all sorts of excited.  It's for two hours a night for the next three Mondays.  I sincerely hope it doesn't suck and isn't a waste of money.
Lizard on my previously thrown-away outside chair.  It has character.
Kisses from the Kid.
Congress Street Social Club with their Social Sweet Tea (it was amazing).

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  1. 1) Nice Brooks! Do you like them? I love my Brooks, everything but the color lol.

    2) Sounds like a delicious week-end.

    3)Cute picture of the tongues!

    1. 1) I didn't much care for the color yellow until the hubs came home with these. Now I'm planning my running colors for the half to be based on these shoes, with the addition of teal, of course. :) And maybe gray. I might make heads explode.
      2) I think you should start training for eating, because Savannah has a lot of great places. Aww.. I forgot to include the picture of the cupcake!
      3) I took about six in quick succession and got really lucky!