If Wishes Were Horses..

It's a paper rose.
So, the hubs and I went to our regular Mexican restaurant last night.  (Where everyone knows us and it's a little creepy and we're that couple that doesn't really have to order because we always get the same damn thing.)  When I opted for a diet coke instead of a beer, I had to explain to our server that I didn't want to ride drunk again.


It was about a 25 minute ride.  I feel like it's been forever, but it's really only been two weeks.  Just feels like forever.  I'm starting to figure out a pattern to get him ready to ride:  clean body; spray back with liniment/alcohol, cover with saddle pad, give treat; clean legs and face; pick hooves and spray with AVC; spray body with fly spray, give treat; and tack up.  We did a meandering seven minute walk before I asked him to pick up the trot.  He gave me a couple strides of trot and then immediately lunged into a canter.  I guess he felt good.  :)  We held the trot for about three minutes and then reversed directions.  It was another seven minute walk, though more forward this time because Goober tried to spook, followed by another three minutes trotting.  And a five minute walking cool out.  

Poor Duke is lonely.  :(
I feel like we're having to start all over.  Always over and over.  It's hard to believe that a few months ago we were doing fifteen minute trot sessions, and I'm sure he could do it if I asked, but I don't think that's fair.  He's essentially been a lawn ornament for two weeks and I think it's asking for injury to push him back up that quick.

My instinct is to ride, ride, ride.  But I'm also having to stifle that urge a bit.  He had two weeks that he walked around uneven with a bare foot (that hasn't ever been bare this long in the six years I've owned him). I bet his body feels jacked up.  We did an easy workout last night.  Give him tonight off and push on Friday?  Give him a little respite before I ride all weekend?  Because I think either Saturday or Sunday, we're going to ride for at least an hour - with lots of walking.  I just need to get him going.

And, since they've removed most of my ghetto jumps, I'm trying to think of easy/cheap jumps that I can create or build.  There's a lot of logs from the tree they're cutting, but I'm not sure how BO will be about me building log jumps in her pasture.  Or that she'd even notice.  When I came, there were two jumps.  Now, there's one jump and one pile of what was once a jump.  I think I might get some really long nails and see about rebuilding those standards.
Also?  Blogger is being a bitch with the photos.  I can't get any of them where I want them.  :(

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