Two things really, really impressed me yesterday.

Sweet Devotion

Why, yes, I am laying on the floor so I can love on my
dogs.  D doesn't allow them on the furniture.  :(
Savannah, my half-pit-bull, quarter-rottweiler and quarter-Labrador darling, has hovered over me since the Batshit Crazy Incident of August (because I know there will be more).  She's not the clingy type.  She's okay if I leave the room.  Nine times out of ten, she'll follow me upstairs, but there's always that one time that she's perfectly fine hanging out downstairs and waiting.  She's always been super excited for me to come home and will dance next to me.  (This is all completely different from her sister, Scarlette, who won't let me pee without sitting outside the bathroom door.)

But, lately, it's been something different.  

I couldn't work out yesterday without her right underneath my feet.  I couldn't do anything.  I couldn't go anywhere without her following.  She's seen me have anxiety attacks before, but I think something in that little doggie brain clicked this time.

Oh, and D said that he saw the woman outside yesterday, yelling at her loose dog and smoking a cigarette, and that her arm was no longer in a sling.

Kindness of Strangers

So I won some boots so I can actually ride the horse.  I found the boots and contacted the seller to see if she would negotiate on shipping, because I didn't want to wait until Monday (sorta loses the point if he comes on, say, Tuesday).  I told her that my guy threw a shoe and the farrier had an emergency.  She immediately replied that if I won, she'd look into other shipping options to get them to me sooner.  

After I won and gave her the necessary information, she replied back within the hour of shipping options.  I was pretty damn impressed.  I know my liking her business affects her reputation, but the whole promptness of it!  We messaged back and forth a couple times and I asked about the kid that wore the boots before and my little blackened heart crumpled a bit.

This lady rescued a draft cross from the kill pen and he had gnarly feet.  *Tear*

She might be my biggest hero.  I'm not concerned about putting Archie in something used by someone with gnarly feet (I'll actually sanitize them first).  I'm just stoked that I gave money (what little it was) to someone who does things like that - rescues.  And took the time and the effort to make that rescue as comfortable as possible during his recovery.  I wish everyone were that awesome.

I thanked her for all the effort she's putting in for me (like shipping first thing this morning, versus the 72 hour window she originally guaranteed), and she replied that she gets it.  She's an equine enthusiast, too.

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