Le sigh.

I feel that if I haven't ridden my horse, then nothing exciting has happened.

I bought a bunch of clothes last weekend (thrift store) and I've enjoyed being a little more creative this week.  Mixing things that I wouldn't normally think of and punching some color.  Today, being Friday, is the polar opposite and I barely put forth the effort to get dressed.  In fact, my necklace clashes with my outfit but I couldn't be bothered to take it off.  Go me!

In an effort to make this a little more life and a little (very little, mind) less horse, or maybe just to introduce more content, I think I might put up snippets about the outfits that actually shine.  I should also put in a disclaimer that I am not a shoes whore, what with being cheap and a vegetarian who doesn't like leather.  I can't buy thrift shoes because, strangely, I can't tolerate the thought of someone else walking in them.  That leaves cheapies, Rocket Dog, and like.. Tom's (which I'm too cheap for.  That money could go to my horse!).  I'm sure there are more veg-friendly shoes out there.. but I probably couldn't afford them.

So, since I still can't ride my poor, off-balance pony, I made an executive decision that the husband and I would be going to the gym last night.  He hasn't been super keen on going to the gym in this whole weight-loss process, because he was more fixed on where he was transitionally, rather than the benefits of a gym.

Last night's workout:

  • 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer
  • 4 sets of 8 reps of crunch and side crunches on a stiff incline
  • 8 sets of 8 reps of barbell lifts, with increasing weight (okay, bar, bar, bar plus 2.5s, plus 5s)
  • dumbbell lifts: laying on back, comparable to a barbell lift; bicep; and skull crusher
  • 6 sets of 8 lower ab lifts (with the little pull-up stand thing) (I'm really good at names)
  • 2 sets of 10 weighted squats on a circuit machine  
  • 2 sets of 8 abductor presses on a circuit machine 
  • And finished with a one-mile run at a 3% grade
Total calories:  780
Total time: 1:20

It really wasn't a bad workout and I can feel it in my pecs and lats.  Honestly?  I'm desperate to get on my horse.  This is killing me.  I'm not sure what to do when I get home, since I can't ride.  I'm sure I could groom the snot out of him and I have been keeping his feet cleaned and his coat brushed.  

And here's a picture of an amphibian that I took with my phone.
Frog or toad?

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