Ninja Sneak Attacks

Dear Mister Super Awesome, Amazing Farrier:

I'm sorry I doubted you.  I'm sorry I questioned your mad skills.  I'm sorry that I was cussing you out on my baby blog yesterday, at probably the same time that you were fixing the Bold Archer.  I am humbly corrected.


So, totally did not know that the farrier was going to be out yesterday.  I wish he would have called me and told me, because I would have brought Archie to the road.  As I was walking to the barn last night, I noticed that there was a weird tire track all the way to the barn and back.  Je n'ai pas compris. And the wheelbarrow was actually in a reasonable spot.  Then I give the Arch his beet pulp and set about cleaning his feet.  When what to my wondering eyes do I behold?

Well, yeah, I could have cleaned
his foot before snapping a photo.
Shit yeah.  That's a new shoe.

I could have also explained to the guy why Archie's bell boot was pulled on the gimp leg, but I'm pretty sure he figured that out as soon as he picked up the foot to fix it.

I'm totally riding tonight.  And I'm not going to feel at all guilty.  I might even ride tomorrow, too, even though it's a run day.  I have priorities.

Speaking of running, I ran last night.  And got horribly sick afterwards.  Me thinks I did too much.  We did the Asylum: Vertical Plyo and I headed immediately to the track.  I did six miles.  I wouldn't have gone that far, but the first four felt fantastic.  Push until you can't, right?  Mile five was a slow misery, and mile six, I gave it all I had.

  1. 13:00
  2. 12:54
  3. 12:34
  4. 12:09
  5. 12:07
  6. 10:28

And these are the ginormous boots I'm selling.
No wonder the first four felt great - I know I was sweating, but I certainly wasn't pushing.  I'm shooting for about a 12 minute mile for the half.  I think that's reasonable.  I know I'll do negative splits, because I can't not, but I don't think this is going to be about getting under two hours or breaking any records.  Not a race, just a run.

And I talked to the chick about soccer.  I keep trying to remind myself that it's a recreational league, not a big deal.  I can quit.  I'm a big girl.  I don't have to explain myself to any one.  Fortunately, she's already got six other women interested in joining our team and any stragglers to the league are supposed to be funneled in our direction.  This might work.  I just wish I wasn't so inclined to be anxious.

Tonight, it's the ride, Mexican, and working out.  Tomorrow, riding and either running or working out.  Guess that sorta depends on if I hate the workout.  :)  If I run, I'll probably go back to 3 or 4.5 miles.

Eek!  I'm so excited about riding!  Rain, don't fuck with me.  I'll pull that ghetto green saddle cover out of the attic if I have to!
Not an amazing photo, but I took it right before I ran.  USA flag above the GA flag.

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