Oh, Friday.

You make me happy in ways that the other weekdays don't.  Seriously.

The decision of riding was taken out of my hands yesterday, as we were hit with a storm that started at noon and lasted until about seven.  I went to lunch with the sweetheart (tofu yaki soba - to die for) when it started to sprinkle.  As we were coming out, it started to pour.  Of course, I only had my tiny little purple polka dot umbrella and he wasn't even going to attempt to stand under it with me.

We darted in to the local CVS (I guess I do love me some CVS), which had some recent upgrades.  Self check out.  Freezer section.  Some "fresh" foods - fruit cups and the like.  Unfortunately, they also have all sorts of varieties of Twizzlers and Hershey's Hugs.  I have to be careful going in there.  :(  Fat girl grazing.

I walked back to the office stomping in rushing water and giant puddles.  My little sandals were squeaking and my calves were soaked.  Thankfully, I wore a dress.

When the day ended, I met D at home and we immediately went to the gym.  He's always refused to run with me, but he ran two miles next to me on the dreadmill yesterday.  Then we did various machines and weights for an hour and headed home.  I'm not sore today.  I don't know how hard I have to go to get sore. My legs never hurt.  I might have some tightness in my calves, but that's about it.

After the gym, we stopped by the barn to give the Kid his beet pulp.  He's such a handsome boy!

And then I cooked.  

I'm not a good cook or creative or anything like that.  I have a few things that I do really well (like grilled cheese.  Soup from a can.  A weird potato dish that requires I cut them in slivers and sauté them and then I eat them with ketchup - this is a particular favorite when I'm drunk.).  But I'm on a quinoa kick.  And the husband came home with a grocery bag of fresh okra that one of his patients brought him.

So I cooked.  Kinda.
Wal-Mart bag of fresh picked okra.
I loved the look of this.
Saved the big ones for okra rellenos.
All prepped.
One beer and I decide I  need an awkward knife shot.
Quinoa boiling.
Okra, packaged frozen bell peppers
and onions being sautéed.
Adding Mexicorn to the okra.
Adding quinoa and purple hull peas.
All done!
My ginormous serving.
And dessert - Kentucky Bourbon.
And for the rest of the weekend?  I've got various craft projects planned (making a belt - dying for a yellow belt; making some bandannas for the girls; random shit) and at least one long cycle, one long ride and one long run.  Yay, carbs!

I wanted to toss this shit in here, too:  works wonders on my headaches.

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  1. that meal looks amazing! i really like okra when it's done right :)

    1. Thanks! I've grown up with okra (mostly dry fried), but I swear that I've never cooked it fresh before. I'm surprised I didn't completely fuck it up. :)