Oh, Isaac.

Even though he's not headed our way, we're getting a lot of rain.  Like non-stop for two days, thus far.  I've seen a million frogs (toads?) in the past day, so I know they're thrilled.

I missed the anniversary date, but D and I have lived in Savannah for two years.  I remember when we first moved in, that very first night, there were a million frogs outside of our bedroom window.  And then the owl came.  But, last night, it sort of felt special to hear all the frogs again, two years later.

I can't believe it's been two years.

My last portrait photography class was last night.  There was actually some beneficial information - like how to fake a sparkle in the eye via PhotoShop (never thought about doing that!).  She also got into a lot about off-camera flashes.  She popped up this little chart that had the power stops of the flash and the size lens and  whatever corresponding number goes between those two.  And she was talking about how important this information was, how we needed to figure out the chart for our flash and our cameras.  And all I could think was that I didn't want to be a photographer that was dependent upon charts, or even one that necessarily needed an external flash.  I can honestly say - the only times I've used my flash were indoors to battle florescent lighting.  Can't it be said that if you set up everything else right - the right time of day, the right setting on the camera, the right positioning in regards to the sun - that you shouldn't need a flash, at all?

I guess if I get into studio settings, I might get into it.  I have bounced my flash in the cat adoption room when it was raining outside and the big window didn't provide much light.  Eh.

During this class, the BO left me a voicemail "reminding" me that the farrier was coming today.  I had no idea, but had planned on visiting the Kid after class to give him his beer anyways, so I left a check.

Man, (lack of) money sucks.

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  1. Yeah no help there as I've never really used a flash with a film camera, I know that when I did a lot of film I made a chart for what exposures I needed for that film. I was heavily dependent on 1 camera, which I don't own anymore (traded my cousin for some video games as I have plenty of other cameras), you really get to know a camera when you use it a lot! Film is fussy so I knew exactly how long to expose the paper for depending on how exposed the negative was.

    1. Oh, man. I've never done the dark room thing. I mean, playing with chemical and all those variables, I could understand having a chart. Taking a photo with a digital camera that pretty much reads all the surrounding light and tells you when it sucks? No chart. :)