Oh, Temper.

I need a vacation.  Hubs and I were comparing our vacation hours (and the fact that I accrue at a faster rate) today.  So far, he's got 113 hours just sitting there and I've got 59.

I didn't ride last night due to a storm.  I rode the night before, but I was completely goofy-blitzed, so I'm not sure that it counts.  Actually, I'm ashamed to say that.  And I kept a running log of the things that were happening and what I was thinking as I rode.  I'm actually sort of surprised that I'm still alive, save that I have an amazing horse and maybe he was treating me like a small, "special" child.

The plan is to ride tonight, feed, go home and exercise and then eat dinner.  Tomorrow morning will bring a (hopefully) long bike ride, a horseback ride, another workout and (again, hopefully) a run.  The weather this week has screwed with me and I desperately need to get in about eight miles this weekend.  We'll see if that actually happens.

Oh, but the temper thing?  Just went off on two employees.  A temp and her supervisor because the supervisor was allowing the temp to work off the clock.  Legally and ethically, I can't allow that.  When I asked the temp why she would do something like that, she said the pay was measly, anyways.  I was very tempted (hah) to tell her someone else would surely appreciate it more.  Ugh.
From the saddle.  
We survived!

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  1. I'm impressed by your ability to work out so much! :)

    1. Says the lady who rides two horses back to back multiple times a week!
      I think the only major problem with my working out is that I'm more prone to injury and burn out. I've already declared that as my running increases (I've specified the five-mile mark), I'm going to sit out of the cardio/plyo workouts.
      Honestly, I'd rather sleep.

  2. I'll take some of that motivation, please!

    1. Unfortunately, it's more "lofty ambitions" than motivation. I wish I had more motivation!