For a portrait, I thought this was pretty damn creative.  
Yesterday morning, as I hiked over the fence to Archie's pasture in my work dress, I decided to make life a little easier on myself until the road to the barn gets cleared.  So, when I got out of my portrait class and made it back to the southside at 9 last night, I didn't go traipsing through the dark, recently-rained-on pasture to give my indifferent horse his beer, beet pulp and miscellaneous supplements and medications.  I know!  I'm a horrible mother.  And this morning?  I didn't go traipsing, either.

I did put medication on his leg yesterday morning, so I feel okay about his leg not falling off until I can get there tonight.  It's a risk, I know.

The portrait class was much of the same.  She offended the oldest person in the class, who is a gorgeous painter that simply wants to learn the craft so as to be able to paint from picture.  And she was completely oblivious to the fact that she was being less than tactful when talking about this dame's lack of elasticity in her chin and the shadows the folds created.  I mean, fuck, I'm not even that nice of a person and I wouldn't say that.

We had the option of emailing our photos to the teacher or bringing in hard copies.  I decided on the hard copy.

Husband bought me a new otterbox.
Can you see why I like it?
My job requires (strongly urges?) us to use CVS as our pharmacy, so I have the CVS app on my iPhone for my medication refills.  God forbid I run out of birth control, you know?  :)  There's an option on the app for printing photos to their same-day kiosk.  I thought that was pretty hot shit and thought I'd give it a go.

The app was super easy to use.  It gave me the option of selecting which of my albums on my phone I'd like to use, and then selecting from that album which photos I would like to upload.  From there, it took me to a listing of my photos, where the preset size was 4x6.  I could assign a different size (not a lot of options, though) to individual photos or to the group.  It gave me a running total and I entered my contact information, with the option to save for next time.  It also was able to do a location search for the nearest CVS with photo options.

Needless to say, I was pretty blown away with this technology.  So simple!

Unfortunately, when I actually picked all the pictures up, they were blurry.  They aren't blurry on screen or on my iPhone, so I'm thinking something was lost in translation.  Also, one had cropped funny and sort of ruined the appeal.

Goddamn scrubs are falling off of him.
After that, I met my super-skinny husband for beer, salad and beer at Mellow Mushroom.  I love him.  I support him.  But I swear to god, if the obsessive-compulsive calorie counting doesn't stop soon, I'm going to.. I don't know.  Restrain him and shove twinkies down his throat.  You'd think a man that had accomplished so much (305 to 215) would be steadfast and relax a little.  Oh, no.  And now I'm seriously feeling the pressure to lose weight because I don't want to be the fat wife with the skinny husband.  It's like a bad joke.

The goal tonight (since I haven't heard from my motherfucking farrier and it's not like he'd be able to get to the barn - but I could walk Archie to the road!) is to do Asylum Cardio Plyo and then head out for a five or six mile run (jog) (waddle).

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