I have mixed emotions about your presence.

Do you stay or do you go?  (And I just had a brief bittersweet want for the Soul Bar's 80's night.)

Archie normally gets Tuesdays and Thursday off.  I'm perfectly inclined to keep that consistent.  Wednesday is a bareback day, work starts again on Friday.  It allows me to push him when I've actually got the time to push - weekends.  While not completely abandoning him during the harder weekdays.

Last night, it rained anyways.  And this morning started with ginormous clouds, which have since abated.

I've been talking about photography a lot lately with a bunch of different people.  I think I've realized a secret:  photographers really do appreciate being on the other side of the lens.  Meaning, I love photographing people and animals, but I'm dying for someone to return the favor.  And I'm excited about the possibilities.

I'm stupidly excited for Friday.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I'm taking a mental-health day.  I just need out of the office for a little bit.  I realize that everything I'm trying to avoid will still be here on Monday, but that'll be three days that I won't have to consider anything about this office.  I've got about eighteen things that I plan on doing, probably three of which will actually be accomplished:  a self-photoshoot; riding the Kid; a little bike ride, picking my own route; a long run out by the river; going to see the movie Brave; thrift shopping; and clothes shopping.  Breakfast and lunch at my leisure.  Alcohol with my lunch.  A big ol' peach margarita.  Painting my nails a bright, bright blue (actually, I might do that shit tonight).

I had someone ask me today if I had any children.  I replied no, that we were waiting until we purchased a house first.  And the coworker mumbled, "Better hurry before you get too damn old."  I was mildly upset.  A) I didn't think I was that old.  I've got two more months of being 28, thanks. B)  The reality is that being financially stable prior to willfully bringing a child into this world is, unfortunately, a sign of maturity.  It's just a damn shame that more people don't go into it like that.

The replies to my vent about it on facebook have been endearing.  Lots of moms telling him to fuck off.  One who said that she thought I didn't want any children.  Well, yeah.  But aren't I allowed to change my mind?  And I don't want children.  I want a child.

Oh!  I updated the "Bold Archer" and "Ink" pages.  :)

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  1. wow... can't believe people would say that to you! We bought our house b4 our daughter was born- tho I was prego when we finally closed on a house, had been trying to buy way before Bayley was "there". I know people who are on their second child and are always complaining about how poor they are or can't afford this or that... I want to scream- don't have another freaking baby then!!!! But I can't ha! :)

    Girl do whats right for you and hubby and ignore all the other idiots out there.

    I think it is awesome that you have a plan and want to provide whats best for you child!!