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I realized that I never talked about my portrait class.  Nor, the man I met prior to it.

So, last Monday, I'm killing time downtown because I have neither the patience nor the gasoline to drive from downtown back to the southside, just to turn around again.  I ate at a horrible little pub that advertised a nice baked brie, but it was served on romaine lettuce that left it wilted.  The Blue Moon, though, was excellent.
Hello, Blue Moon.
Let's toss some bread on this shit and hide the crap factor.
Fine Pub Art.
I walk out of the pub and head left (even though there isn't anything I need to the left, I was just wandering) and immediately get stopped by a tourist asking where Abercorn street is.  I point in the vague direction and somehow end up talking to this guy for about ten minutes.  He was straight over from Germany and I'm a sucker for an accent.  We talked about what he wanted to do while here and how he could become a permanent citizen.  And, granted, my wedding band and engagement ring aren't ginormous, but they are present. Dude did not care.  He begged me to go get beer with him, to go get coffee.  I kept declining and he asked for my contact information.  I told him that'd be great, I could invite my husband out to meet someone from the motherland (both our families are German).  The guy winked at me and said, "No husband."  He also told me that I was very beautiful.  I guess, to field-plowing, baby-producing standards, I am.  :)

I finally made it to the class and almost immediately decided that I wasn't going to like it.  I got that feeling.  The first class wasn't hugely informative.  I did learn random shit:  the typical setup of portraits in the 30s and 40s; that the light illuminating hair is called a rim light; the shadow created by a nose is called a nose loop and isn't ideal; and that the ideal is a triangle of shadow on the cheek.  (All according to the teacher.)

I guess I'm not refined enough for this shit.  But I don't like shadows on the face.  And I know it has a purpose, but I don't want the sun behind the subject.  I want the face illuminated.  And I hated all of her artwork.

The homework was to take a self-portrait.  She gave us options: remote, timer, holding the camera.  I thought, briefly, maybe, about taking an obnoxious instagram-esque with my iPhone.  I also thought about a mocking 30s/40s, complete with harsh shadows.  I finally opted to pull out the tripod and the remote and spend some time with Archie.  That's what I did yesterday and it was great.  (Prepare yourself, L. Williams, I'm wearing a tank top with my breeches.)

I probably should have just eaten the wilted romaine.
First photo - weird angle.  (Can I say that I have a great butt?)
Looook into my eyeeeess.
Alright, tub tub, where's the mounting block?
This might be the winner.
Just painted my nails mint and I loved
the contrast with his black tail.
So while I'm getting the handsome man all cleaned up for his photo session, I realize that his bellboot on his gimpy left front has rubbed the snot out of the back of his ankle.  If you look in the above photo, you can see that I pulled it.  The only thing I can think is that being higher up due to the hoof being lower has caused the rub damage.  It was gross.  Yay for daily cleanings until it's gone!
After that, husband joined me at the Humane Society and I popped out 28 semi-okay to great photos.  I wish I could spend more time with those guys because I know I'd get better shots.  But it was also the second time in a row that it was raining.

And here are some before or after, I can't remember, fauxtos of the Kid:

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  1. LOL I see people wear tank tops all the time riding and I'm okay with it, I just won't let myself do it!

    1) Ya #1 thing I hated in school was taking a class from a teacher whose art I didn't like.

    2) :) Love bays, cute pics of you and Arch

  2. 1) I'm not sure exactly how to go about learning more about photography. This lady has a pretty big market and, so far, I don't want to take any of her other classes. I guess I just need to practice more and learn from doing.

    2) Thanks! I don't think I've used the 50mm for our photo sessions before and I'm really pleased with out it turned out! I need some more live models *ahem*! Shooting cats and dogs isn't nearly as awesome as photographing horses (and their people).

    1. Oh if you want a model, Jordan is the man-whore of picturedom. I pretty much used him a lot in college. I don't know a lot about photography, I did take a lot of classes though (and currently own 6 film cameras...) so when I come I can give you some pointers if'n you want

    2. I love that you just called your fellow a man-whore (of picturedom). That makes me happy! I have a very photogenic friend who likes having her photo taken, too. But she normally likes to take her clothes off when she does it and I'm not sure that I'm ready for that.

      I've thought about film, but I think that I'm not good enough/ready for that step, either. When I graduated high school, I bought myself a Canon Rebel film camera, but everything I shot came out blurry. :( Fortunately, my current Canon has autofocus. :)

      I'd absolutely take you up on a photo lesson. D and I talked about photog classes at SCAD, but (no offense) that place is hella expensive.

    3. No Offense taken! :P It's an art school I think they HAVE to be expensive or their just called regular schools and people can't act like pretentious fucks at them! (Watch the movie Art School Confidential if you haven't already, you will laugh your ass off!)

      Before I started dating/fell in lust/fell in love with Jordan and became his lady, we used to call him "Man-Slut-Jordan" behind his back, usually while pointing. He looks like an Abercrombie model, so we figured he also had 0 brains. Turned out he was smart, nerdy and adorable!

    4. Awww. Before I ensnared D, we just referred to him as "the little redhead kid from down the road."

      I'd be interested to know the story of you and J. Is that somewhere on your blog? And how's he feel about moving to the east coast?

      And I haven't seen that movie, but I'll request it of my husband!

    5. No, its not on my blog lol. I'll be able to regale you with its monstrosity later though, our anniversary is coming up so I can do it then lol.

      He loves the idea, wishes I had gotten my shit together years ago loL!