Eek.  I'm anxious about fall soccer.  The registration has already started and the season begins in September.  My friend (the only one I made from the team) contacted me to see if I'd be interested in joining a team she started.  I said sure.  Why not?

She told our former captains about my switch and they said that I ought to contact my friend who invited me on the team, to see if she'd be interested in switching, too.  She said no.  Smiley face.

It allows me enough distance to really analyze that situation better.

  1. I am, best case scenario, a mediocre soccer player.
  2. My (former) team really likes to win.
  3. Mediocre players don't typically win (for example, the only goal I got was against my team).
  4. I don't think my (new) team is going to be as aggressive about winning.
  5. So, I could actually learn the sport.
  6. ...Which means I could be more than a mediocre player!
  7. ......Which means that we could actually score some goals! (The right way.)

I feel myself getting anxious about it.  I feel it building up in my chest.  Like, why didn't they want me?  Why doesn't my friend want to be on the same team as me?  Are we going to have enough players for a team or are we going to have to try to join another team since we booted ourselves from the other team?  Is that team going to talk shit as they slaughter us?  I'm not worried about being embarrassed - it's standard when you suck at something - I'm worried about being anxious.

Ugh.  Soccer sucks. We also need to come up with team names.  And players.

Edit:  The only thing that comforts me is that if we don't get enough players for this season, I can just drop out under the excuse of training for the half - which I am.  Yay!

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  1. I'd pick you for my soccer team, but I am terrible at soccer.

    1. I appreciate that. :) I really suck at it, too - I'm not a sprinter and I have no coordination. I can only hope to improve.