Wish List

I need to pep up.  What better way than listing the eighteen million things I want from SmartPak?  Feel free to gift me with these things.  I'll love you forever.  (Or not.)


Because.. surprisingly, I can't actually afford to pump Archie full of all the drugs and herbs that I'd like.

What he's currently on:  SmartFlex SeniorOneACSmartHoofPure LysineSmartLytes and Ultra Cool & Complete.  That changes as of this month though, when I'll take him off the SmartLytes, cut his OneAC in half, and am thinking about cutting out the Ultra Cool & Complete.  The Cool & Complete is only about $16, and I really see a difference, but ..eh.

If I could put him on anything (and not all of these, all together!), regardless of cost:
  1. Cosequin ASU.  A million years ago, my vet from Aiken recommended this.  But I couldn't, and still can't, afford it.  It's only about $20 more than the SmartFlex Senior, but the Senior has additional stuff (probiotics and shit to make him fat) and the loading dose of this stuff!  $113.  I have heard stellar things about it.
  2. SmartCombo Ultra.  This has the key ingredients of SmartFlex III Resilience, SmartHoof Ultra, SmartDigest Ultra, and SmartShine Ultra.  I drool, I drool.  $105.
  3. SmartCalm Ultra. I can't say that this is better than lunging (which I don't) and the Cool & Complete, but it's more expensive and has better reviews, so it's magical! $26.  It totes being able to improve nervous system function and, if you've ever read anything about anhydrosis, it's a result of the nervous system getting fucked up (they think - no one really knows).
  4. Farrier's Formula Double Strength.  Initially, you think:  but, Beka, you're paying $16 for SmartHoof and this stuff is only $21.  Why not?  And then you read the dosing on this crap and realize that the first six to eight months, for my behemoth horse who is more than a thousand pounds but less than fifteen hundred, would be $65 per month.
  5. SmartGut.  I was really concerned about ulcers.  My vet was not.  So, we did not scope and did not medicate and I still get a little twitchy.  Archie lives the good life, he really does, but that doesn't necessarily mean that changes in his limited environment don't stress him out.  Trees falling probably freak the shit out of him.  They do me. $38.
Total Cost: $347 for at least the first month.

My Toys

  1. SmartPak Soft Shell Jacket.  I can't explain it.  But I want one.  And I want it embroidered.  And I want to wear it everywhere.
  2. RJ Classics Diamond Collection.  Classic tasteful plaid hunt coat.  Drool.  I was never a huge fan of the solid navy or black.  I actually always wore pinstripes.  But plaid makes me happy.  The only way I could be happier is if this had a light blue silk/satin lining, that would pop color.
  3. Tailored Sportsman Wrap Collar Shirt.  Hell yes, I would wear a light stripe with a plaid jacket.  It would be subtle and sexy!  Blue, of course.
  4. Tailored Sportsman Professional Trophy Hunter Breeches.  Charcoal.  Tan.  I don't care.  Charcoal would be hot with the plaid grey jacket.  
  5. Ariat Volant Vented Tall Boot.  If I could be assured that the vent wasn't obnoxious, absolutely.  Hello, Georgia.  And I grew up loving Ariat.  (Because it was just barely affordable?)  Also, if they were magically not made of dead animal.  Yeah, that too.  If the vent was obnoxious, then the Ariat Quantum Crowne Pro Field Zip Boot.  I love field boots.  Enough said, right?

His Toys

  1. Pessoa Legacy XP3 XCH.  I have loved every Pessoa I have ever ridden in, though I am a Stubben girl at heart.  I can't help it. It's like sitting in butter.  Smooth, smooth butter.  And I love the detail on this saddle and the color.  Drool.
  2. Contender II Saddle Pad.  I fully intend on actually buying this.  It might be only thing in the whole damn post that makes in on my horse.
  3. Rodrigo Fancy Stitched Wide Noseband.  Because I have to match the saddle, you know?  And I love a wide noseband on a refined Thoroughbred head.
  4. Open Front Boots and Ankle Boots.  Because we have to match, DAMMIT!
  5. Weatherbeeta Fig Plaid Turnout.  This actually isn't a bad price... Hm.

Berry College IHSA show. 

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  1. shooooping! :) Now if only we had all the money in the world to get everything we want :)

    1. Seriously! A barn, more horses, a rig.. I need another husband. :)

    2. LOL... hey get me a few things while your at it please! :)