A Pause.

After the eight miler (and the cycling, the riding and the soccer) on Sunday, the ride and workout on Monday, by Tuesday, I was dead on my feet.

I sent my husband a text, begging him to have a quiet night of dinner and a movie.  He got off early and consented, though I think his OCD mandated that he work out before I got home.  The gym shorts sort of gave it away - and his face.  He can't lie to me.  :)  And he gets that sort of giddiness of an evil toddler when he does something he knows is naughty.  I'm not married; I'm raising a 27 year old kid.

So we settled down to what will probably be our last meal from an amazing Japanese restaurant downtown (they're closing) and the movie the Grey.  Great food.  Less than stellar movie.

Today is going to be another ride, probably an at-home work out, our normal dinner, and cleaning the 1,043 photos off of my iPhone.  What's equally scary:  I have over 10k photos on my mac.  I need an external hard drive or something.  And the mental ability to delete some photos.

Oh, and I have no reference for this, but it seems like a good deal: two sets of oxer-style standards, poles, and three cavalettis for $320.  A coworker's husband does woodwork, so I gave him the specs and requested a quote.  I'm not sure how many poles, but he has the machine that can turn a 4x4 into a round pole or knock the edges off.  I'm sort of excited, though this won't be a soon thing.  I told her I thought maybe towards the end of October.

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  1. Replies
    1. In my cost assessment or in general? ..Because I was just gonna duct tape them bitches. :)

      Actually, I'll probably order them from SmartPak or somewhere online at about the time he starts production. That farm that I said was closing, Morningstar, is selling all of their stuff.. but the cost wasn't really better than this, when you added it all together.