After dosing on ibuprofen and leaving a work meeting a few minutes early, walking the dogs and changing clothes, I headed out to the barn last night.

I knew that BB and Duke were leaving, but it still made me sort of sad to see all of their stuff gone.  This was completely unlike when Atlas left us, because all of his stuff stayed.  It made me wonder what was going on in Archie's mind.  He and Atlas were best buddies and when Atlas died, he... I wouldn't say "accepted" Sang.  He tolerated Sang.  It saddens me that I can't make my horse play nicely with the skinny geriatric who so desperately wants to be his friend.  But then Duke came and Archie and Duke were best buds, yet again ignoring Sang.

When I got there, Sang was hanging out in Archie's stall and Archie was grazing.  He didn't seem the slightest bit perturbed.  Never looked, never called.  I have to guess that they moved Duke pretty early, though, because BO is as lazy as sin and the trailer was already back in its spot and the gaps made by the absence of BB's stuff were filled in with her crap.

I hope Sang and Archie bond more this time.

I'm not sure who the new boarder will be.  If it goes like last time, there will be a couple of months where she speculates about potential boarders and then one will randomly show up.  "Oh, didn't I tell you?"  Like I just happened to be there the day Duke showed up.  And, if they suck, I'll leave.  I'm so tired of this.  And I'm tired of my boy bonding with horses that either die or leave.

I rode him last night for about twenty minutes.  I had a valid excuse of needing to meet my husband for grocery shopping, but with the giant bruise on the inside of my knee, it was all I could really tolerate.  And let me just say:  my equitation, which is questionable on my best days, was horrific yesterday.  I know knees should be light anyways, but I couldn't bare to have the knee touch the saddle.  So I was doing this weird thing with the leg all jacked out to the side and standing on my toes.  He was such a good boy.

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  1. Hope your new feels better and that you either get a super cool boarder or can move somewhere else that will be better for the both of you.

    1. Seriously! I wish the hubs supported the whole I-want-my-own-barn thing. I think I could manage keeping it a bit better than she does. (We did talk briefly about whether, if she was even willing, we would be interested in purchasing the acreage after Sang passes. She's said she won't get any more horses.. and shouldn't.)